California Democratic Party president resigns on charges of misconduct


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By Dennis Romero

Eric Bauman, an enslaved leader of one of the country's most powerful political organizations, announced that he was retiring from the presidency of the Democratic Party of California (CDP) following allegations of bad conduct.

"It is in the interest of all that I resign my office as president of the Democratic Party of California," he said in a statement Thursday.

Last year, Bauman acceded to the leadership of the country at the head of the Los Angeles County party branch and ruled for what he described as "18 short months" as the first openly gay president.

The party's vice president, Daraka Larimore-Hall, spoke about the latest round of allegations last week and asked Bauman to resign. The party announced Monday that Bauman was taking a leave while an external party was investigating the allegations.

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times released more detailed allegations related to Larimore-Hall's first reports, and Bauman said he would seek treatment for an alcohol abuse.

Ten sources told the newspaper that they had seen the leader of the party make rude remarks, make unwelcome physical contacts, and make intimidating gestures.

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