Cano wants to bring the championship experience to the Mets


New York Mets second baseman Robinson Cano arrived at Camp des Mets over the weekend and spoke to the media in Port St. Lucie on Sunday morning (video via the social network account of the team).

Cano is considered by many to be the centerpiece of the team's complete overhaul of this system by Mets Chief Executive Brodie Van Wagenen during his first three months of work. Players like Wilson Ramos, Jeurys Familia, Jed Lowrie, J.D. Davis, Keon Broxton, Justin Wilsonamong a host of others, gave credence to the mantra of Brodie's introduction: "Win now and win later".

"[The roster] looks like [how Van Wagenen described it would look]. [He said he would] go out and build a team that could compete. He added a lot of good songs and this team really looks good. We all pray that everyone of us will stay healthy. When you have a healthy team – especially this type of team, we can do very good things in this game. "

Cano, 36, is obviously aware of the expectations of being a well paid player and seems to embrace the scenario and understand the responsibility that comes with it.

"You play for a team and you have the chance to wear the uniform, you have to go out and perform. You have fans in the bleachers coming out and spending their money to see you play. As a player, you want to go out and do your best. Were not [machines]. We will not go out and do good every day. We will make mistakes; we are human. "

"But as a player, you know you have to go out and play. Because it's not just the fans who come to the game, but there are people who watch and there are young children who admire you. "

The new second-base Mets player was asked if, "knowing Brodie as well as you," he thought the first general manager would succeed in his new profession and seemed rather confident in Van Wagenen's ability to get through without a hitch. From one side to the other Negotiate with others, saying, "He's going to be a good GM because you can see now, in his first year, he went out and had all those pieces. That tells you that he wants to win. "

When asked how he felt at the spring training of his fifteenth major league competition, Cano said, "I feel like I'm 25 years old," adding "that's how you feel. feel mentally. […] For me, I'm going out […] and work where I feel I need to be improved. He was asked about a possible goal of 150 games played this season and responded as any baseball player would.

"As long as I feel good. I love playing this game. I love it, I love this game. When you are young, you dream of being part of the big leagues, so if I had the chance to play every day, I would like a lot, said Cano. "I do not want to take a step back [from that 150-game mark]. Once you have the habit of playing like this, you just want to go out everyday. he [doesn’t] It does not matter how much of your career you are, you just want to go out because you like this game. "

When asked to spend some time on first base, which CEO Brodie Van Wagenen alluded to in an interview with WFAN last week, Cano admitted that this was all new to him.

"I do not have [any] I have not thought about it yet, "said Cano, referring to the laughter of the press before saying whether he had been informed of the idea of ​​spending time at the beginning. "No."

Cano has developed his ascendancy within the New York Yankees organization, as well as his stay in Seattle ("I do not regret anything.) I have spent five good years there." The only difference was the trip I was not used to it, everything was good, the city was perfect, I like the city of Seattle. "), and seems to have the intention of bringing this team of Mets back to the promised land.

"I grew up in the Yankees system. They teach you to be a minor league champion. [After winning] a championship there and being able to play in the playoffs seven or eight times is a bit like going every year. I could not get to Seattle and I know it's not because we did not have a team – it's part of the game – but if I come back here, I can not wait to get back to the playoffs playoffs. "

As for the endless flow of baseball knowledge at his disposal during his time spent alongside Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, and the clutter of championship-level players in the ranks of these mid-2000s Yankees club clubs, Cano has clearly learned more than baseball on a professional scale; he has learned to prepare for a season with the championship aspirations attached to it. He also exposed on the pressures that accompany the games in New York.

"By going through the Yankees system as a young player and you are not making money, it's easier to […] play in front of these fans because you have the opportunity to learn. Especially [for] myself, the team we had at the time, we were all superstars, future Hall of Famers, "Cano said. "I learned early in my career […] I could look to my left or to my right and I could ask any question to anyone. It helped me a lot. "

The game still has superstars these days, although, unfortunately, some of them remain without a team, most of the MLB clubs having started their training on Monday. Cano intervened in the current atmosphere of the independent agency of the Major League Baseball.

"It's difficult when you, as a player, invest all your efforts in the off-season, to be able to publish these numbers and sweat to get a deal," Cano said. "When you deserve an agreement[Etvousêtesjeuneetavezletalentetvousn'êtespasenmesuredeconclureunmarchécelavousditquelebaseballvadansunedirectiondifférenteParcequ'ilyabeaucoupdegarsquin'ontpasdetravail"[andyou'reyoungandhavethetalentandyou'renotabletogetadealthattellsyouthatbaseballisgoinginadifferentdirectionBecausethere'salotofguysouttherewhodon'thaveajob"[…Etvousêtesjeuneetavezletalentetvousn’êtespasenmesuredeconclureunmarchécelavousditquelebaseballvadansunedirectiondifférenteParcequ’ilyabeaucoupdegarsquin’ontpasdetravail”[…andyou’reyoungandhavethetalentandyou’renotabletogetadealthattellsyouthatbaseballisgoinginadifferentdirectionBecausethere’salotofguysouttherewhodon’thaveajob”

"I'm surprised, I would say that all baseball players are in shock," he said, "I mean, guys like[[[[Manny Machado],[[[[Bryce Harper], both are young guys who have been in this league, set up figures – Machado played in last year's world series, Harper has already won a MVP before – I thought at that time that they already had [have] sign."

Many of the lessons learned by Cano as a child, surrounded by excellence, will surely be useful for a team of talented young talented players. Michael Conforto, Brandon Nimmo, Amed Rosario, and Jeff McNeil. However, all training should benefit from the rich experience that Cano brings to the team.

New closer, Edwin Diaz, who came to the Seattle Mets with Cano in exchange for Jay Bruce, Anthony Swarzak, Gerson Bautista, and first hope Mets Jarred Kelenic and Justin Dunn Apparently, he took an intensive course playing New York City from Cano, an expert in the city.

"I told Edwin how much [the New York press was], I laugh. Young child, I just told him, "Remember, it's a different scenario. Especially when you come from another system in Seattle. [have] to deal with a lot of media, you do not have to deal with those fans who call the radio station [to criticize you]. "

"So I just told him […] do not let the big city come into your head. Go out, compete, have fun, that's the most important thing; go out and have fun, knowing that you are human. Do not try to be perfect. Do what you can do: play baseball and pitch. It's the same game in a different city […] Be yourself and have fun.

As one reporter pointed out, Cano was handed over to the former captain of the Mets David Wright"Casier, a gesture to which Cano did not fail to emphasize the importance.

"First of all, no one will replace David Wright […] It was sad that he had to put an end to his career that way. I played with David, against him in the minor leagues and in the big[…] He's a guy no one will replace. [It feels] I have his locker, "said Cano before hesitating to symbolically fill the captain's shoes.

"It's a game you play as a team. I will do my best and give everything I have. But I do not like to put pressure on myself and say, "I have to go out and be [David Wright]. But I will do my best and I will do everything in my power to compete and help this team win again. "

As each player – pitcher, catcher, and positional player – arrives in the camp and gives his insight into what will happen to this team, it's hard not to be more and more excited for the upcoming season. Let's go put it.

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