Captain Marvel's 90s site teases the wicked Annihilus obscur


Annihilus introducing himself to people.
Title of the image: Andrea Divito, Laura Villari (Marvel)

Last week, Captain MarvelThe official website has been put online in all the glory of the 90s, but one of the most interesting aspects of this page is something you may have forgotten.

The first element of the URL that Marvel originally sent to guide web users to Captain Marvel's webpage is not a place where you expected to find clues to the larger universe of Marvel Cinematic, and who deserves to be noted.

This seems to be a reference to the nasty classic Marvel Annihilus, but its presence in the URL raises the question: who the hell is Annihilus and why should anyone care?

Annihilus talking to himself, as the wicked do.
Image: Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnott (Marvel)

Annihilus appeared for the first time in Marvel Comics Four Annual Fantastic # 6 when Reed Richards, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm ventured into the Negative Zone looking for something vital to save the life of Sue Storm and the baby she delivered. As de facto leader of the negative zone, Annihilus sees in the intrusion of the Fantastic Four into his kingdom a threat and launches an attack against them that they can, unsurprisingly, defeat.

From that moment, the evil insectoid became a frequent enemy of the Fantastic Four and several other heroes of the Earth, repeatedly trying to invade various dimensions. The Annihilus attacks represent for the most part disadvantages that the most powerful heroes of the Earth must regularly face, but the villain shows all his power in the game of Marvel. Annihilation an event that focuses on a number of cosmic heroes facing a larger invasion of the Negative Zone than anything they've seen before.

Although most of Annihilus's previous attacks caused relatively minor damage, Annihilation, it is able to completely destroy the planet Xandar and the vast majority of Nova Corps (you know, these people of Guardians of the Galaxy). As the huge fleet known as the Annihilation Wave crosses the galaxy, the threat it poses to the universe becomes so great that the Kree and Skrull (soon to be seen in Captain MarvelEmpires are obliged to act, as well as many heralds of Galactus, to put an end to it.

In the end, Annihilus is stopped by Richard Rider of the Nova Corps and half-Kree, half-Titan Phyla-Vell after grabbing the quantum tapes that are part of what makes him so powerful. But the devastation left in its wake is something that can never be undone.

Nova recalling the rampage of Annihilus.
Title of the image: Andrea Divito, Laura Villari (Marvel)

The impact of Annihilus on the Kree and the disappearance of Phyla-Vell make him the type of villain who is part of the construction of the world Captain Marvel made for the larger universe of Marvel Cinematic, but at the same time, giving it its name raises a number of questions about the future of Marvel's films. Because the origins of the Annihilus cartoon and canon involve the Fantastic Four, it would have been unlikely that it had ever been mentioned in relation to the MCU (let alone making an appearance) until 39 at just recently, but with Marvel's agreement to redeem the rights for these Fox characters, the stories about Annihilus and the people associated with her are back.

Captain MarvelIn a sense, it embodies the future of the MCU – it's a bigger, more spatial place, populated by the kind of villains whose dominance projects are universal rather than global. Carol and the Avengers will almost certainly wallop Thanos when Engame will be released later this year, but Marvel Studios is intent on continuing to make films, which means that we will have to create another Big Bad ™ that will bring all the heroes together to save the day.

Judging by what we saw Captain MarvelAnnihilus is unlikely to make his big screen debut anytime soon, but he is the kind of villain who could play a key role in the MCU in the years to come.

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