Choosing a lawyer: what do you need to know?


weather: Sunny and dry; perfect voting time.

Alternative parking: In force until March 6 (Ash Wednesday).

Polling stations are open until 9pm. in the special election for the New York City Public Attorney, the work left by Letitia James was left when she became Attorney General.

Seventeen people want the role. Here is a quick guide to the race.


Here is a list.

Why is it important?

Civic pride! If that's not enough, consider this: the office has a budget of $ 3.5 million, can introduce a bill and hold public hearings. The public prosecutor also temporarily replaces the mayor if he leaves his post earlier (the mayor of Blasio has not ruled out a presidential candidacy of 2020).

• Rafael Espinal, a Brooklyn city councilor, is seeking to legalize electric bicycles and scooters and demands that new cars sold in the city after 2030 be electric. He wants to force schools to have a class in a greenhouse or urban agriculture.

What separates the candidates?

Most of them are progressive democrats who have distinguished themselves, in part, by giving priority to different goals.

[[[[Here are seven factors this will help decide who wins.]

What is there with party names?

Technically, the race is unbiased and the candidates had to create party names. But "Fix the M.T.A.", "Pay Folks More" and "Unite Immigrants" are not subtle clues to their politics.

Am I registered to vote?

Check this site.

Where can I vote?

Find your voting location here.

How long will the winner serve?

It's funny, you should ask. Only 10 months. There will be primaries in June and a general election in November will determine who will fill the term of office of Mrs. James until the end of 2021.

This comic with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's representative will be published in May by Devil's Due Comics.

The publisher, Josh Blaylock, said the 44-page book will feature stories of various artists on Ms. Ocasio-Cortez and other freshmen from Congress.

"I see a new group of Congressmen entering the system and asking the classic question of" Why are things done this way? "" Mr. Blaylock said in an interview.

"The AOC examines fundamental problems that I have never seen address," he said. "Comics are an ideal platform" to discuss these issues.

When asked, Mr. Blaylock stated that he had not contacted the Congressman about the comic book. "I'm sure it was a surprise for them," he said.

The artist who drew the covers of Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, Tim Seeley, said that drawing was easy, in part because she was easily recognizable.

But you do not need to attract politicians to be political. Mr. Seeley drew the cover of "Dark Red", which will be released next month. According to him, there is talk of a "vampire in the land of Trump".

It's Tuesday: Seriously, go vote.

Dear Diary:

At age 17, I spent the winter shopping for a director at La MaMa, East Fourth Street.

I was born in New York, but I grew up in distant states and never felt less New York than the year of my return.

"Do you want to run to Duane Reade to get the rest of this list?" Asked the director one afternoon while we were putting the programs near a paraffin heater.

"Of course," I say. "But what is Duane Reade?"

She laughed while putting on my coat.

"Do not you have gloves?" She says. "Here, take mine."

They were perfect, cheap, elastic and simply black. This is the kind of gloves you would buy if you forget better ones at home, the ones you lend to a stranger.

I wore these gloves all the month of February, until someone else needed them and I gave them away.

Nearly 10 years later, I worked 20 blocks north as a writing assistant in the Flatiron District.

One day, my boss came to the office with a scarf that I had never seen before. It suited him.

"Someone gave it to me in the street," he said. "I had to have cold air because at the next pedestrian crossing, someone gave me this."

He reached out his hand. He wore those same cheap, stretchy and black gloves.

– Kirsten Reach

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