Classic viral video: Tommy Sotomayor on women's standards and the double standard!

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  1. I don’t think this guy understands how human relationships work… actually I don’t think he understands women are humans and not clone mannequins if his comparisons are anything to go by

  2. Thank God I can do for myself and I don't need anymore to do a damn thing for me ?

  3. What is wrong with him? Why does he look like that?

  4. I wholeheartedly agree!! You're absolutely correct sir.

  5. Hey !!! Good to see you back here ! ???

  6. you see women are doing that because they dont meet the standards
    therefore they cant date them
    as in be taken out to free dinners, get bought gifts on certain days and whatnot
    ergo these women who "dont sell theirselves" are cut off from those things
    which means they must oppose standards by men in general to protect those benefits
    and no im not lowering my standards, make yourself better instead of lowering bars and by extension making shit worse for everyone

  7. Speak Brother???? As a woman, I can say this shit is true

  8. Youtube magnate right here! Truth and logic only!

  9. damn bro your still around? I was hoping some one would have blown" head off. Well! guess, I just have to keep praying, for it to happen 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. I've never been afraid to call a woman shallow. More quality women SHOULD call out shallow females because it's women like them that give our sex a bad rap. Tommy is 100% on point.

  11. Tommy you should be glad you do not have a vagina other wise you would have all them STDs.

  12. Men that fit those high standards aren't complaining though haha.

  13. Love Love but the majority of Latin and Asian women are not looking for black men and that’s coming from a black man.

  14. it's because some men and women are nothing but followers that's why this shit would never change

  15. it's because they got the pussy and they know niggas that love to holla gone do what they say fact! It's you niggas that keep holla holla holla and desperate once she tells you all that bs standards that she don't follow herself i personally curse bitches out and put them on my enemy list that's a fact as well peace p.s. moral of the story is do for yourself brothers and just fuck these bitches and leave #pulloutgameonpoint #nokids

  16. I had character standards not superficial standards, all people should go by character standards first superficial comes second.

  17. Everything yøu are saying is sø true

  18. My standards are primarily moral, as a result of this I have filtered most women from being my potential mates.

  19. Thank you, that was very well spoken. Can comprerhend every bit of it

  20. Tommy you are downright handsome and have a gorgeous smile!!

  21. i agree whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

  22. I ain't gonna lie, I've never had this problem. My saying is "If I can't pick her up and throw her about, I'm not interested. And I'm not that strong". Although to be honest I wouldn't tell a girl that trying to pull me. I'd just go with… I'm flattered sweetheart, but I'm not single.

  23. SotoNation all the way!! This is real talk! And so on point!!

  24. This is why I've been single and picky with women for the last 5 months. It's nice to feel justified for it.

  25. Classic video. I agree everyone's standards should be respected.

  26. Damn Tommy I watch your videos all the time…but today you look amazing. Idk if it's the lighting or what but…hot damn!!