Colgate defeats in an uncomfortably tight match 77-70


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WVLT) – The Flights quickly took the lead 9-0, leaving Colgate scoreless for the first two and a half minutes. Colgate rebounded, scoring two or three points early in the game to reduce Tennessee's lead to five points before the first half of the first half.

a three-pointer Jordan Bowden put an end to a brief drought for the Vols. Tennessee led 20-13 halfway through the first half.

Colgate reduced early two-point flights at 7:53 of the first half. Tennessee then went 6-0 to lead the 26-18 Raiders.

A three-pointer Lamonte Turner gave the Vols their most important lead of the game (14 points) with 3:28 remaining in the first period.

At half-time, the Flights led Colgate, 42-30.

In the second half, Colgate narrowed the gap to tie 49-49, then took the advantage.

Flights took over the advantage soon after with a lay-up to bring it to 52-54.

Five minutes from the end, the Vols have exhausted three to increase their lead.

A mistake gave Grant Williams the opportunity to

Tennessee is 29-5 on the season. This impressive record includes a series of wins over 19 wins, a program record that makes three wins out of five opponents and the second-highest number of wins in a season in the program's history. The Flights spent four weeks at the top of the Associated Press's top 25, and for the first time in its history, UT spent the entire season in the top 10.


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