Corsi finalizes his criminal complaint against Mueller

Plot theorist and conservative lawyer Jerome Corsi's lawyers prepare to file a criminal complaint against a special advocate Robert MuellerRobert Swan MuellerSasse: The United States should applaud Mueller's choice to lead the investigation into Russia.

Larry Klayman, the founder of the conservative guard dogs Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch who joined Corsi's legal team this week, told The Hill on Thursday that the document would claim that the special council and his team were asking Corsi to lie and to commit other criminal offenses, such as witness tampering.

He also stated that the complaint could be filed as early as Thursday or Friday and would be filed with ActingMatthew G WhitakerTrump retweets Clinton Chris Coons calls for vote on the Mueller bill: "The easiest way possible to prevent a totally predictable constitutional crisis" Trump says he's grateful to make a "huge difference in this country " AFTER Attorney General Matt WhitakerMatthew G WhitakerTrump retweets Clinton Chris Coons calls for vote on the Mueller bill: "The easiest way possible to prevent a totally predictable constitutional crisis" Trump says he's grateful to make a "huge difference in this country " AFTEROffice of Professional Liability of the Department of Justice and Inspector General of the Department.

When asked what lie the special advocate had asked Corsi, Klayman refused to provide additional details, but he pointed to Corsi's statements that he had not deliberately misled federal investigators at the time. his interrogation.

Klayman also said that if Mueller were to indict Corsi, it could give the Corsi legal team an opportunity to challenge the authority of the special council.

"I hope that he will have the wisdom not to seek the indictment of Jerry Corsi," Klayman said.

A spokesman for the special council declined to comment. Another Corsi lawyer, David Gray, did not return several requests for comment.

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They both denied contacting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange about the publication of these e-mails.

Corsi had revealed earlier this week that he had received a plea from Mueller, but had rejected it.

In draft court documents obtained by The Hill and other publications, the special council alleges that Corsi lied while she had been questioned by investigators earlier this year.

The documents indicate that Corsi made the false statement as a result of a 25 July 2016 e-mail sent by a person – identified by Corsi as Stone – who asked Corsi to check which emails WikiLeaks possessed and that they would publish before the 2016 election.

Corsi told the authorities during the interrogation that he had "refused the request for [Stone] and clearly to [Stone] than to try to contact [WikiLeaks] could be investigated, "according to the documents.

However, Corsi forwarded Stone's email to another person and subsequently replied to it by writing in an email sent on August 2, 2016: "Word is a friend in the embassy is planning two more dumps", referring to Assange.

"A little after my return on October 2nd, the Impact was planning to do a lot of damage," he said, according to the documents.

In multiple interviews with The Hill, Corsi claimed that he had not voluntarily given false information to Mueller's team, but that he did not remember, at the time of his interrogation, of what he had said in answer to Stone.

Corsi claimed that he had "deduced" that the hacked emails of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and written by Clinton campaign president John Podesta would be published shortly before the presidential election, after that Podesta emails would not have been included in previous WikiLeaks dumps.

And Stone said that he had an internal source telling him that WikiLeaks had damaging information that could disrupt the 2016 election.

Mueller has indicted 12 Russian army officers in the DNC hack.

Corsi has publicly stated on several occasions that he was considering filing a criminal complaint against Mueller, particularly during an interview with Hill.TV broadcast on Friday.

Corsi was a staunch supporter of the so-called "baker's conspiracy theory," asserting without evidence that former President Obama was not born in the United States. Obama issued his birth certificate to counter claims, also promoted by Trump.

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