Cubes and Rockies stars go wild on referees

After playing in the Wild League game against the National League last season, the Chicago Cubs and the Colorado Rockies made disappointing starts in 2019.

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On Saturday, the frustrations of both teams apparently broke out. Cubs baseball player Kyle Schwarber and All-Stars Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado had violent clashes with referees for missed calls.

Kyle Schwarber must be remembered

Schwarber was the decisive hitter in Saturday's Angels-Cubs game at Wrigley Field. With the bases charged, two outs and the Cubs shot down by one point, Schwarber took over on Cody Allen, a den closest to the Angels, at the end of the ninth inning.

Schwarber worked hard and then tried to check his momentum on sloping ground. The slugger of the struggling Cubs thought he was holding on. The third base umpire, Gabe Morales, was not in agreement. Morales called Schwarber on appeal, which provoked Schwarber's temper tantrums.

Kyle Schwarber is retained by his teammate Cubs Javier Baez after a doubtful call to end Saturday's loss against the Angels. (Getty Images)

Morales actually ejected Schwarber, which is fun because the game was over.

Although we do not approve of such reactions, it seems that Schwarber had a legitimate argument.

No swing would have meant a walk. A walk would have meant a race. A race would have tied the match and given Chicago a golden opportunity to win. Instead, they lost the match 6-5 and fell to 5-9 in the young season.

This also adds to Schwarber's frustration at the plate. He only beat .192 in 2019.

Nolan Arenado becomes ballistic

It was a similar scene in San Francisco.

The Rockies star, Nolan Arenado, was livid after the marble umpire, D.J. Reyburn called him on a pitch that was clearly irrelevant.


Despite the fact that he found himself facing Reyburn, that he hit his stick and his helmet, which could lead to an expulsion, Arenado was allowed to stay in the game. Maybe it's because Reyburn immediately realized he missed the call.

Be that as it may, it did not do much to quell Colorado's frustration. The Rockies then lost the game 5-2, and are now 3-12 on the season.

It is clear that the problems of both teams go well beyond the referees. In the Rockies case, this is an offense that averages only 2.8 points per game. For the Cubs, it's a pitching stick and a defense that ranks all six in the bottom row of the MLB. But with increasing pressure as their division opponents accumulate, it is not surprising to see these emotions manifest themselves.

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