Dad, stop beating me, "a viral video was produced in China, not in Malaysia


A video of a terrified child screaming in pain while a man repeatedly attacking in bed did not occur in Malaysia.
The beatings occurred on Saturday, July 21, in Guangxi Province, China, and the father of the child was arrested.



21 thoughts on “Dad, stop beating me, "a viral video was produced in China, not in Malaysia”

  1. This disgust me to terrible limits. Why is it that these skin covered pieces of shit, along with animal abusers get to breathe air, and feel joy or pleasure, ever in their lives? This is why I have a hard time believing in certain religions. It just doesn't seem right to me that actions like this can happen on innocent children or animals if their is a some kind of super power our there. Idk… I think prison would be too good for him, unless he is beat like this every 7 or 8days. Right when he thinks he is feeling better, do it a over again. I know not everyone will agree. That's ok. I'm not posting for your LIKES… I'm posting because I too suffered terrible abuse as a child, and unfortunately as an adult. I have made up my mind though. The next one to hurt me… We let's just say I will be the last face they look at. I've had enough. I hope this child doesn't have internal injuries. I hope she gets the therapy and help she will need the rest of her life.

  2. This is what Chinese nationals are doing across Africa to innocent, poor Africans. In the Chinese Congo and Zimbabwe for instance, the savagery of mainland Chinese is quite common abusing workers. Oh well, Mao called his mainland brethren “Han chauvinists” and right he was. Pigs.

  3. im Chinese,i have see several news like this in China! that's disgusting n terrible ! a loser man beat his little child just want to hurt his exwife? sadly China have not such law to put those devils to jail for wholelifelong !stupid law ! this man have no rights to be a father! this little child should be send to a babycare centre !

  4. Fucken piece a shit I hope they do the worst to him in jail rape him beat his ass little by little so he can feel the same pain as the poor little girl his own daughter fucken bitch why don’t they show his face.

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