Darling will take time off to solve his health problems

On Saturday night show, New York Mets color analyst and 1986 World Series champion Ron Darling announced that he would take a leave to settle some newly diagnosed health issues.

Darling, 58, told viewers the news during the fifth round against the Braves in Atlanta.

"A series of tests has revealed a large mass in my chest that will have to be removed by surgery next week. Doctors told me that if there were no complications, I would have to catch up with the plane to talk about baseball next month, "said Darling, before turning to humor to alleviate the obviously heavy environment prevailing in the cabin. "I'm going to hit her you-know-what, I'll be back here […] I really mention that to Keith to know that he will have to play some extra games. "

The former right-hander spent nine seasons at Flushing (from 1983 to 1991), beating a record of 99-70 with a deserved average of 3.50, an independent throw score of 3.81, WHIP 1.288 and a report. Attack of 1.87.

Darling, with his former Mets team-mate Keith Hernandez Gary Cohen, a video game analyst, was assembled in 2006 to form one of SNY's most informative and enjoyable kiosks for baseball, if not professional sports.

According to Anthony DiComo of MLB.comTodd Zeile, a former Mets player and studio analyst at SNY, will take on some of Darling's responsibilities in the booth. Darling also added a statement, via the Mets.

"My health and my family are my number one priority. I look forward to returning to the cabin with our crew and my friends Gary and Keith as soon as I can. "

We are all motivated for you, Ronnie. Get well soon!

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