Data breach in Arizona

TUCSON, Arizona – Hackers may have compromised the credit card and personal information of thousands of Arizonans.

50 sites, including restaurants, hotels and other businesses, report a data breach. Many business owners have learned that they had been hacked.

"It's not just about our machine, it has nothing to do with our employees, our machines or anything like that," said Frog & Firkin owner Jody Raetzman. "It's a processor where information is transmitted to the bank."

Raetzman says that this happened between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm. January 4th.

"I know a lot of students were still on break. A quieter time for us, thankfully. We never want our customers to be affected and we continue to update our processors and equipment. "

Dozens of businesses in Arizona and a handful of Tucson sites are affected by the violation of North Country Business Products. Tucson's sites also include the Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch, Karichimaka, the Tucson Truck Terminal and the Voyager RV Resort.

Raetzman says that so far no one has reported misuse of his data.

"Let's hope this has not affected any of our customers directly, but the information will be posted on our social media and our website."

If you believe you have been touched, you can call 1-877-204-9537 from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 21:00. Is.

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