Delhi me asli bhoot (phantom) pakda gaya INDIA FACEBOOK VIDEO VIRAL, Bhoot video in Delhi, ind bhoot


Delhi me asli bhoot (phantom) pakda gaya INDIA FACEBOOK VIDEO VIRAL

Bhoot video in Delhi
Bhoot in India
Banshee photographed strange photo goes viral in India
Real ghosts captured on tape – Banshee photographed strange photo becomes viral in India | chudail in Pakistan

Real ghosts captured in camera –

This photo of a chudail in Hyderabad & # 39; has become viral in Pakistan, but what is it really?

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Real ghosts taken on tape – People just take pictures of her must watch this scary tape
This video of a 'chudail' in Hyderabad & # 39; became viral in Pakistan,
We have all watched enough Bollywood movies in our lives to know that on our way to a place at night, if we meet a strange woman or child, dressed in white, looking at your piercing eyes, we should run in the opposite direction squeezing our life. Yes, the & # 39; churail & # 39; or banshee or witch (call it what you want) has been immortalized in the movies, but what would you do if you met one in real life? Do you want to run away or do you want to criticize its true origins on social media, with images and everything?
Well, it seems that Faakhir Mehmood, a popular Pakistani singer, has set up a photo of a "churail" that would have been spotted in Pakistan in Hyderabad on Facebook with the caption "Can any one check? The supposed image of CHURAIL captured by many people in the middle of the night in Hyderabad. "Real" Chudail "overview in Pakistan, Hyderabad..But what is it?
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पाकिस्तान में दिखी चुड़ैल, मशहूर गायक ने FB पर शेयर की घटना
Just scared !!! Real ghost clip – Eerie spotted in the night becomes viral

कैमरे में कैद दिल देनेा देने वाली असली भूतिया घटनाएँ | Incidents of horrible ghosts taken on camera

The world will end on May 31, the terrible earthquake will happen .. ???

Banshee photographed a strange photo goes viral in India | Real ghosts taken on tape

आसमान से गिरती हुई बिजली का सबसे डरावना सच. इसे देखके आपकी रूह कांप उठेगी. सायद ही कभी देखें हो.

cctv में आयी रुह कंपा देने वाली चोरी गेट ही ही अटक अटक गया

A new "ghost species" of chimpanzee that roamed the forests of the center
Hundreds of thousands of years ago, Africa was detected
genetic analysis.
Although there were no remains or living members of the monkey until then unknown, its existence was confirmed by scientists who discovered that his genes were carried by live bonobos. "Ghost Species" is the name given to a type of animal discovered after its extinction by DNA analysis, and applies to this newly discovered monkey that once lived there approximately 4,000,000 years. The discovery was made when researchers compared the genomes of bonobos and common chimpanzees, looking for strange DNA fragments that could not be explained by mutations or mating between them. two.


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