Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter Pinnacle weapons and weapon quests


Three new Pinnacle weapons arrive Destiny 2: Drifter season.

On the site of the new season, Bungie gave details of three new weapons related to the strikes, the Crucible and Gambit. Pinnacle weapons are firearms with unique benefits designed for certain activities. As for the advanced weapons of the previous season, the acquisition of these weapons will require long queues and control of the activity concerned. The quests will be available to all players.

Vanguard's Pinnacle weapon is the Oxygen SR3 and is an Omolon rifle. It comes with the Dragonfly bonus, which causes accuracy kills to create an explosion. However, a unique advantage on the pistol inflicts more damage to the dragonfly based on the number of head shots a player lands before the blast.

Bungie has not yet detailed the quest, but Vanguard's previous quest required players to get killings with a specific weapon type and full hit. Expect the Oxygen SR3 quest to be similar.

Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter Pinnacle Weapons


The Crucible pinacle weapon is The Recluse and looks like a Veist submachine gun. This pistol has a unique version of the Advantage Rampage, which usually increases the damage of the weapon after a shot. With the Recluse, killing with any weapon increases the damage done to the Recluse for a brief moment.

Pinnacle Crucible weapons are usually the most difficult to obtain and involve reaching the rank of Fabulous in the competitive playlist. We do not know if this will be the goal of this season, but it's a safe bet.

The Pinnacle Gambit weapon is 21% of Delirium, which looks like a Suros machine gun. Just like The Recluse, 21% Delirium has a modified version of the Rampage Advantage. Instead of killing the increasing damage for a short time, 21% of delirium increases the damage until you tidy up or reload the gun. The impact of interactions with Lunafaction Boots and Titan Barricades on this issue is unclear, as they fill the magazine over time, instead of requiring reloading.

The old pinnacle gambit weapon was asking players to play a lot of gambit matches and kill all the enemies with this type of weapon. Bungie has not yet announced how you will get 21% of Delirium.

We will update this message when we know more about these weapons, their benefits and the quests to acquire them.

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