Detroit Popeyes is still closed after a viral video; Licensed Service Manager

A Detroit Popeyes kitchen in Louisiana is still closed after a video supposed to show deplorable conditions inside the restaurant was broadcast on social networks on Tuesday morning. We are also told that the in-service manager has been fired as well as a member of the team. The orange cones block the location on Gratiot Avenue. Nearly 7 Mile and uniformed employees are still inside, as well as inspectors from the Detroit City's Building, Safety, Engineering and Environmental Department.



  1. What the fuq are they eating now?? Someone must have opened a Church’s ?

  2. Just throw the whole midwest away except for this girl

  3. She cares I know she's young but hell she cares more than the mngr does

  4. Damn, sounds like Anita Baker is reporting. ?

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  9. My dear im sooo proud of yu. This Popeye looks like its in the urban….

  10. The kid that took the video, should work for the health department!

  11. Help wanted, must be able to flip a burger and swat flies simultaneously before the beef hits the stove

  12. Why the hell did it take a video for the health inspectors to come. That place was way too far gone
    Just nasty

  13. You saved million lives darling

  14. Thank you .You did the right thing..cook home people

  15. That Popeyes needs to be burnt down. ??

  16. If you eat fast food, this is what you deserve.

  17. BRAVO to the gal exposing this. You should be rewarded!!! Pull this business. How do you as an owner NOT ensure the health of the public. It’s like a slumlord out to make people sick or die from serious health violations. Pull that license and business franchise

  18. That damn sure ain't how they do it down south.

  19. I'm not sure how much of a Hero she is for exposing the dirt She went along until somebody pissed her off And she used what she had against them. Meanwhile how many people have eaten there prior to the closing. A person with true morals would've walked off from day one and reported it

  20. Just like all black neighborhoods.Filthy and disgusting.
    Proof that blacks are too lazy to clean up after themselves.You cannot deny this.

  21. Another proud moment in black history

  22. If she was at work, why didnt she start cleaning? What do you think you do there?

  23. Exactly why i dont want to eat fast food anymore. Im glad they're fired.

  24. KUDOS TO THIS WOMAN!!!! Great Job!!! More people should be like her!!!

  25. Just imagine how the managers house looks. Filthy and disgusting…..

  26. Give home girl a merit badge good job

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