Devin McCourty said that he was returning to the Patriots for 2019


Devin McCourty is back to play for the Patriots in 2019. He said it himself.

In an interview on Sports Spectrum's podcast, the 31-year-old security officer said, "Yes, I will play. I do not play this game just to win Super Bowls, it's so much more than I play the game that I like.

"I think that once you have the chance to withdraw a few weeks now, you say to yourself," Yeah, I still want to be with these young guys coming up. "

McCourty told a story about Mississippi football players A.J. Moore and his twin brother, C.J., who said they wanted to be like the McCourtys. (Devin's twin brother is Jason.)

"Playing football is about doing something more than winning games and winning Super Bowls."

During the Super Bowl week, Deion Sanders asked McCourty at the media night that he wanted to come back if the Patriots were winning the Super Bowl and McCourty let it be known that he did not know it.

Rob Gronkowski did not say he was returning to the Patriots' home.

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