Dina Lohan and her online boyfriend, Jesse Nadler, separate before the meeting

Dina Lohan and her online boyfriend are finished before they even meet in person.

the Celebrity Big Brother The star made headlines at the CBS series when she revealed that she had an online relationship with Jesse Nadler for five years.

TMZ reports that the couple was fighting before his first meeting in person after Lohan had confronted Nadler for the promotion of a book on his Facebook page, thinking that it was all about him. ;another woman.

Nadler said at the exit that, despite Lohan's efforts to apologize for her momentum, the California resident had decided to cancel everything. They have been online since 2014.

It has been more than a month since Nadler announced to the press that they had planned to meet at Lohan's next visit to Los Angeles. At the time, Nadler had said that Lohan would be going there soon because she was considering several TV offers after her stint. Celebrity Big Brother.

He had also previously stated that he was planning to move to New York, where he is from, in order to get closer to his ex-girlfriend.

"I already have a real estate agent in West Hampton Beach," he said in February, adding that he wanted to "definitely" fix the problem with the momager. "We will be walking on the beaches of West Hampton at Montaulk Point, she will be my Bonnie and Clyde."

Nadler had previously been accused of having Lohan catapulted by fans after she had revealed her relationship while she was at Big Brother's. When he spoke for the first time about this relationship, Nadler said he felt the need to stand up for his relationship.

"When the news came out for the first time … my computer went crazy and exploded," Nadler said at the time. "And then I saw the term 'catfish' … and I was really not happy with that, because I'm real."

The couple first met via Facebook and developed romantic feelings for each other over time.

"Dina and I were both Long Islanders and we met each other, we became friends on Facebook, and then we started talking on the phone and sending private movies and videos because I have … Sony HD [camera]So, if I were in town, I would let her see my town and she would send me pictures of Sag Harbor and places where I grew up when I was living there, "she said. -he explains." One thing led to another and we started having feelings that were not just friends on Facebook. "

While on the Big Brother Lohan once told her colleagues that she would marry Nadler.

"I swear to you that it's real.I swear that it's crazy.But I'm going to marry him.It's really, really true.I talk to his mother," he said. Lohan, adding that the reason she has never been confronted with it is because "Some people just do not use iPhones."

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