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Director of Infinity Ward responds to rumors of a "canceled" mission from Modern Warfare

Narrative director Infinity Ward Studio, Taylor Kurosaki, responded to claims that developers are removing one of Modern Warfare's missions before the game's release.

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A CoD fan asked if the developers would remove a set of missions in London.

On June 16, a confused Call of Duty supporter questioned Kurosaki about alleged censorship, before asking if a specific London-based mission would be removed from Modern Warfare.

"I'm so confused by all this censorship," wrote the unhappy fan on Twitter. "Are you taking this mission to London?"

The narrative director's answer has been simple, and will probably appeal to Call of Duty fans, confirming that this would not happen "never."

Kurosaki has tried to appease worried CoD supporters in the past, explaining that the initial report gave the impression that they radically changed the game to try to rule over the violent nature, while they were only "tweaking" [their] vision as the release date approaches.

Those who had the opportunity to play two of the upcoming game's missions said it would probably be Infinity Ward's "most controversial" campaign ever, going beyond the scenario of Modern Warfare 2, which included the "No Russia" mission. No Russian was judged so graphic that it was removed from the Russian version of the game and censored in a number of other countries.

Although the leaks suggest we could see a solo trailer for the title released in July, it seems likely that we will have to wait more and more near the official release of Modern Warfare before knowing just how horrible the campaign is .

Kurosaki, however, is adamant that Infinity Ward will neither censor nor remove missions before the public gets their hands on them.

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