Discontented drivers after carpooling companies cut their wages

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – Carpool drivers from all over California are on strike to protest the recent Uber and Lyft pay cuts.

A select group of drivers met Monday morning at the San Diego Airport to decide to take part in a statewide protest against the companies that they believe are taking them out of the country. 39; money.

Uber recently announced that it would reduce drivers' pay by 80 to 60 cents a mile.

Workers say this is in addition to the other cuts they have made over the years.

Drivers who have spoken to 10News say that other states, like New York, require companies to pay a minimum rate of $ 26 per hour.

Uber and Lyft both issued a statement after the protest.

Uber stated, "… we are introducing a new Quest promotion feature, while also changing rates per minute, mile and minimum fare. These changes will make the rates comparable to those they were in September. "

Lyft told 10News: "We are always open to discussions on how to make Lyft better for drivers, but the majority told us it was a flexible option that suited them."

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