Do not rely on GPS to reach your destination


The Iowa patrol is hoping that the dashcam video of a driver's misguided encounter with a rider encourages motorists to pay more attention to the road.

The video, taken Oct. 13, shows a state soldier arresting the man who was driving north into the south lanes of Interstate 35 for about thirty miles. A soldier from the Iowa State Patrol stopped him just north of Mills Civic Parkway.

Authorities said the incident could have ended much worse, given that three people have been killed in collisions the wrong way on the roads of Iowa during the last three weeks.

"Fortunately, no one was hurt in this incident, but you look more closely and the guy just did not know where he was," said Sgt. Nathan Ludwig said. "It's an old gentleman."


The state patrol officers have called this the best of the cases, as non-compliant drivers usually turn into dangerous accidents.

"You could have vehicles going 80 mph in each direction with an impact of 160 mph," Ludwig said. "You can not get there fast enough. You just feel helpless. "

Frankie Sylalom, a 31 year old father of Des Moines, is one of three people who have been killed by a driver in reverse in Iowa over the past three weeks. He died on his way home from work on November 10th.

The investigators are trying to determine why the other driver went wrong on the mixer.

Ludwig explained that collisions in the wrong way are usually caused by a person who is impaired by alcohol or drugs, an elderly person or someone who is unfamiliar with the area.

As the holidays approach the end of the year, the soldiers are asking drivers not to drive drunk and to no longer rely on mobile phones for GPS.

"They are too busy watching this, watching their phones and not paying attention to traffic signs," Ludwig said.

It also suggests drivers plan their routes in advance to avoid confusion when they are on the highway.

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