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Artist: Kennedy
Song: Karate

Written by: Michael Dubin
Directed by: Lucia Aniello



  1. Honestly the best company for everything to take care of yourself especially if you are in a pinch to save low price high ass quality

  2. ¿¿Quien más vino de Emprende Aprendiendo??? 😀 😀

  3. Like, si vienes de EMPRENDE APRENDIENDO. ?

  4. Thanks Mike. I was looking for something to slit my wrists with.

  5. Hilarious vid. Well done. I'm now considering dollar shave club

  6. Anyone else here after watching childish gambino's video

  7. When you actually get a link to the dollar shave ad… And you watch it completely… You know it's good…

  8. am i the only one that saw him on the fork life and thought OSHA violation

  9. For all you normal people that are not right wing extremists, just know that this company sponsors right wing extremist content here on YouTube I would suggest not supporting these people financially.

  10. can you add a link where I could press and get blade, free shipping and all stuff you talk about? because I cannot find it in your website. only some starter packs for five bucks or blades for one dollar but there are lower letters thats says it gets two dollars a month so what the faq?

  11. The only problem is it isn't 1$ a month

  12. Not gonna lie, this commercial is what did it in for me. I've been using DSC for like two plus years now… love it.

  13. I love the new Gillette commercials of 2017 and 2018. Its almost like they are apologizing for being super greedy for the past 30 years. Thanks to DSC, they finally shlashed their average price from 21.99 to like 3.99, in one year. Gillette commercials now feature clean cut, white, all american people working in the factory, using "persision" tools to carefully craft a razor. Plus, the narrator of the new Gillette commercials has an over exaggerated, fake, Boston accent. They keep saying in their commercials, "we've heard you america, and were going to make this right". Its clear from their commercials, Gillette is in huge trouble. And now many other start ups are doing the same thing Dollar Shave Club is going. Gillette only has about 3-4 more years. Just like the Patriots. Once Brady is retires, Boston goes down with him. And Gillette is history.

  14. 1 dollar for 1 razor per month?

  15. Not been funny, google digital garage use your advert as an example of good marketing!!

  16. why dollar shave club not ship to Europe? I live in Slovakia and there no dsc for me and now Im sad

  17. "Leaf Blowers for Life" club!

  18. 19 go to Roger Federer ????????????

  19. The Grandpa saying with polio…….LOL!!

  20. I hope that bear catches MY package to be sent out! I wanna make sure I get these delivered!!

  21. Are the blades any good? I mean for real.

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