– Our blades are beautiful


Dollar Shave Club offers incredible razors and grooming products for only a few dollars. Try the Club →

Artist: Kennedy
Song: Karate

Written by: Michael Dubin
Directed by: Lucia Aniello



29 thoughts on “ – Our blades are beautiful”

  1. can you add a link where I could press and get blade, free shipping and all stuff you talk about? because I cannot find it in your website. only some starter packs for five bucks or blades for one dollar but there are lower letters thats says it gets two dollars a month so what the faq?

  2. I love the new Gillette commercials of 2017 and 2018. Its almost like they are apologizing for being super greedy for the past 30 years. Thanks to DSC, they finally shlashed their average price from 21.99 to like 3.99, in one year. Gillette commercials now feature clean cut, white, all american people working in the factory, using "persision" tools to carefully craft a razor. Plus, the narrator of the new Gillette commercials has an over exaggerated, fake, Boston accent. They keep saying in their commercials, "we've heard you america, and were going to make this right". Its clear from their commercials, Gillette is in huge trouble. And now many other start ups are doing the same thing Dollar Shave Club is going. Gillette only has about 3-4 more years. Just like the Patriots. Once Brady is retires, Boston goes down with him. And Gillette is history.

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