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Domino Offers Pilot Pizza Delivery Project in Houston – TechCrunch

Domino's is really pushing its commitment to innovation, but even if it's a marketing tactic, the global pizza brand is actually working. Example: He launches a new pizzas delivery pilot project in Houston, Houston, in partnership with Nuro.

Autonomous driving technology, Nuro start-up was founded by Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu, two veterans of Google's self-driving car project (which became Waymo), which now includes a team of autonomous engineers with Waymo experience, Apple, Uber, GM and Tesla. The company's ability to recruit such talent as a startup is likely to depend on the nearly $ 1 billion SoftBank investment announced in February. Or vice versa, I guess.

Domino to build on Nuro's stand-alone test vehicles to deliver pizzas to Houston residents who order via their application or online, and the pizzas will be delivered using the Nuro R2 vehicle, a fully-autonomous second generation test car, which will come on stream later this year. Customers will be invited to participate and guests will be presented with the self-drive option upon departure. They will be given a PIN code allowing them to unlock the doors and get to this sweet and sweet pizza once it arrives at its delivery address.

Strange as it may seem, this is not the first time Domino has been introduced to self-driving pizza: Ford has run a limited pilot project with the pizza company in 2017, designed as a test to pinpoint basics of consumer expectations for interaction with a service.

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