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Dr. Disrespect jokes about his disaster in bathroom E3 2019 after Twitch's ban

The popular Twitch broadcaster, Dr. Disrespect, has finally given his point of view after being banned from Twitch and E3 2019 for live broadcast in the public restroom of the event.

For those who lived under a rock at E3 this year, Dr. Disrespect was banned from Twitch and the convention after keeping his flow during several toilet visits.

After many jokes and memes about the number two Two-Time, The Doc released a new video on YouTube detailing his first live broadcast experience on E3 and why he visited so many toilets.

"Misadventures lead to recaps"

Doc does not spend a lot of time in his latest video talking about the bathroom incident or its bans: the video begins as expected, with Two-interaction with fans and generally hurts.

He took pictures, hated gamers on mobile, visited GFuel's booth and made his way through the convention hall – pretty much what you'd expect from Doc during a live broadcast.

At the end of the video, around 10:20, Disrespect revealed to his team that he was to use the bathroom as soon as possible.

"I had diarrhea, hot," the Two-Time said. "Can we find the place of diarrhea? I'm starting to get pissed off."

From there, the video ends when Doc hides in the nearest men's room, then prepares himself in a stall.

Is Disrespect still in Twitch Prison?

At the time of writing this article, Dr. Disrespect is still banned from broadcasting on Twitch because of his debacle in the bathroom E3. We still do not know when he will be officially back.

Chances that it's permanently banned are rather slim because it's one of the most popular content creators of the platform – but even if it's unlikely, we do not still can not exclude it completely.

Many games have had a lot of hype at E3 2019, like Cyberpunk 2077 (thanks Keanu) and the Remake of Final Fantasy VII, but it seems that Dr. Disrespect has still managed to steal the show.

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