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Dr. Mario World Review for iOS

It's only a matter of time before the good Dr. Mario goes on the iPhone, but how does the mobile version stand up to the Nintendo classic nearly 30 years old? ?
Dr. Mario World

I am a big fan of Dr. Mario, who came out when I was about three years old and was probably one of the first games where I was competent enough to play without help. Of course, the box design always scared the shit alive, but the game itself, with its bright colors and catchy music, has delighted me. I spent hours on my uncle's NDA eliminating viruses until I was forced to switch from console to large spaces.

When I hear Dr. Mario World was coming out for iOS, I was both excited and pre-disappointed. After all, the quintessence Dr. Mario the experience is played on a tactile directional pad. However, it should be noted that in Age of the brain for the Nintendo DS, there is a touch screen Dr. Mario it's nice.

My other concern was that it was going to suffer in the same way as the other free titles. There is always some kind of built-in feature that tries to separate you from your money.

As a personal note, I'd rather pay for a game once and own the rights to use it forever, or even pay a small monthly fee, rather than letting me buy individual games or swap them for cash. real money against money at stake – But no more on it later.

Anyway, I bit the ball and decided to download Dr. Mario World.

It's a spectator, it's safe …

Dr. Mario aesthetic - modern, but good.

Aesthetically, the game is great. I am a huge fan of Mario's modern interpretations. The slender young doctor and the bean bag resembling viruses are part of it. The music is also very nice, including a midi-esque remake of the original Dr. Mario music.

He has this post-Super Mario 3D World At the time, and if you like it, you will probably like its appearance and appearance.

… and it's going well.

Dr. Mario World: the gameplay is correct.

The basic gameplay, for better or for worse, is basically the same as the Age of the brain version of Dr. Mario. Instead of using a directional pad, grab the capsules and drag them to where they need to go.

Once on the screen, they move up the level, but it's not the same Tetris urgency of style. A simple tapping rotates them so you can align them with the viruses they need to tear themselves apart.

There are however some differences. By taking a page from other match-three books, there are now some less kinetic and more time-sensitive puzzles to solve. Sometimes you will encounter an enigma that will ask you to blow up a bomb or send a shell flying in a row of enemies.

You also have the option to choose between Peach, Bowser or Mario as your primary physician. Each doctor receives a couple of different food choices. Bowser, for example, can fill a displacement gauge and destroy two random rows of one level.

Attention, it's always buggy

The dreaded disconnection error

Hands down, the most frustrating thing I've ever experienced while trying to play Dr. Mario World was this almost constant disconnection that would appear between the levels. Although I'm not sure of the reason, it seemed like that once the first steps were completed – a test that lasted nearly an hour and a half due to constant disconnections – it was gradually reduced and allowed me to play at will.

On-app purchases

Everything in Dr. Mario World costs money or time

Remember how I said that I would rather pay money to own a game than to be forced to pay money for a free game? Sadly, Dr. Mario World is an exercise in coercion. Even though it's not as aggressive as other free games, it still presents some of the inevitable pitfalls.

You can have up to five lives in Dr. Mario Worldand everyone you lose will be regenerated in half an hour. Personally, this seems excessive, especially for a game that has elements of trial and error for some puzzles. Of course, lives can be bought for five lives for ten diamonds.

The diamonds are worth about $ 0.07 to $ 0.10 each – depending on how much you are willing to invest – which means you will have to pay a minimum of $ 0.70 to $ 1.00 to have five extra lives . Again, I feel as if the concept of paying $ 0.20 per life seems too steep.

Of course, you can also pay diamonds for other things. In speed levels, you can pay 10 diamonds (again, about $ 0.20) for an additional ten seconds of play. You can also pay diamonds for power-ups.

That being said, you can still play Dr. Mario World without paying. You will have less time, but waiting half an hour to have a life and more is not the end of the world.

The delivery

Global, Dr. Mario World is nice, although for those looking to scratch this classic Dr. Mario itching, it probably will not do. If you are a match-three fan, it's a solid entry in the genre and it's worth being discovered.

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