Dreams will make its early entry this spring on PS4

Dreams Early Access on PS4 PlayStation 4

Media Molecule has announced that the highly anticipated Dreams, a creation that is both exclusive and creative, will launch in advance. This comes from a long post published on the PlayStation blog, where the studio's director, Siobhan Reddy, explains the reasoning of the developer behind this first unconventional release.

In a nutshell, Media Molecule has decided that the best way to continue building Dreams is to allow the community to continue tinkering with it. The Early Access version of the game will be launched in the spring of 2019. Although it will not have 100% of the tools that will appear in the final version of the game, Reddy says you will have access to the same suite that the team used to create again more weird and wonderful things. "We will use early access to help prioritize all the awesome things we're already working on and get feedback as the needs of players change," Reddy says. "With improvements, bug fixes and new features, we are launching the Dreams live service so the community can get a first glimpse of how we continue to support the game."

Dreams Early Access will be a limited version, which means you have to be quick as soon as the version is available to have a chance to enter. We do not know how many places there will be. No specific date has been provided, but it will cost you $ 29.99 / $ 29.99 through the PlayStation Store. Community leader Tom Dent confirmed that those who buy early access would not have to spend more to get the final version.

It will be limited to the following countries: United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, Austria, Benelux, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Spain.

What do you think about this move for Dreams? Is advance access the right way to publish this very ambitious project? Dream some comments below.

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