E3: Xbox Scarlett launches Holiday 2020, confirms Microsoft


Microsoft had a lot to say during its press conference on Xbox E3, but one of the most important announcements was made towards the end of the briefing, when the company finally revealed the first details of its Xbox E3 projects. new generation, Scarlett. In fact, Scarlett could refer to several consoles – the company has confirmed that the Next-Gen system will be launched in the 2020 holiday period.

Microsoft also announced that Halo: Infinite would be a Scarlett launch title, which marks the first time that a Halo game is an Xbox game launch since the first Halo: Combat Evolved for the first Xbox.

Microsoft has kept many of his Scarlett cards near his chest, choosing instead to talk mainly about his internal hardware. The console, which is yet to receive a definitive name, will be "four times" more powerful than the Xbox One X, says Microsoft. The company added that Scarlett would contain a custom-designed AMD processor and would be capable of both 8K resolution, 120 fps and variable refresh rates. It also supports ray tracing and the system is equipped with a solid state drive (SSD), which Sony has touted about the PS5. Microsoft noted that the SSDS will be used as virtual RAM. The console features a custom AMD Zen 2 processor, a RDNA Radeon architecture and a GDDR6 RAM.

One detail missing from the Xbox press conference we've learned since is that Scarlett has a disk drive allowing you to read physical disks. It will also support all your existing Xbox one games and accessories.

Scarlett has been touted as a "bigger leap than any generation we've done before". Xbox's boss, Phil Spencer, has also described it as "the most powerful and powerful console ever built." Microsoft also deliberately clarified that the system was designed explicitly for games, a significant difference from the initial presentation of Xbox One.

To learn more about the new device, check out our comprehensive Scarlett Hardware Specs study or our comprehensive E3 front-page article on everything we know about Xbox Scarlett – including the rumored budget alternative. Our previous understanding of the next-generation Xbox scene was that Microsoft had more of an upcoming system – similar to the way we have the Xbox One S and more powerful, the Xbox One X. Scarlett would have been the most powerful of the next generation. systems, and that's the only one that was discussed at the conference.

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