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Respawn's takes the world of royal battle with Apex Legends and seems to please everyone. A recent post on Reddit could not be a better way to show exactly that …

This free royal battle seems to captivate players around the world, while detaching players from other games of the royal battle. In a recent Reddit article, a user contacted an EA support member for a refund of his annual Origin Access subscription, which resulted in an incredibly hilarious exchange.

Dvitash went on to say "you" play "Apyn", and incredibly, that quickly turned into a promise to play together. With "Dvitash" playing the role of Wraith with more than 400 dead, and the EA support member playing Bangalore, they were ready to play after the end of his shift.

Apex Legends was probably the only game that could have resulted in the above. Reddit users were also frantically trying to find out if they were playing together, although rumors circulating suggest they did not fight together.

Respawn's Apex Legends texts also seem to pose relatively few problems at the moment, although the above conversation highlights one of the only potential problems. Apex is also a free game that offers better content in the game than some expensive games.


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