Elon Musk summons in Johnny Depp case against Amber Heard

The billionaire Amber Heard, ex-boyfriend Elon Musk, is now involved in Johnny Depp's $ 50 million defamation suit against the actress.

Depp's legal team said it plans to drag Musk to justice in the legal battle heard by Depp and Heard over his allegations of domestic violence, which he describes as a "hoax."

"We have now sent subpoenas to Amber Heard, his hoax helping his friends, Elon Musk and other witnesses to explain the avalanche of video, audio, photographic evidence and testimonials with which we have been exposed. intention to confront them, "said Depp's lawyer at Page Six Friday.

But a source close to the situation retorted: "For now, Elon has not received anything."

Heard wrote an editorial in the Washington Post about her experience as a victim of domestic violence, not to mention Depp, who denies having abused her.

But in March, the actor of "Fantastic Beasts" sued for $ 50 million in defamation against him, claiming that this was hinted in the film that he was the author of. Depp's legal team claimed in the lawsuit that the domestic violence complaints against the actor were a "hoax" to advance Heard's career.

Depp's lawsuit also accused Heard of having an affair with Tesla's founder, Musk, while they were still married, which Musk denied.

Heard and Musk were seen together for the first time in July 2016 at a Miami Beach hotel about two months after the divorce of star "Aquaman" in front of Depp.

At the time, a source insisted: "She has been friends with Elon for four years."

In August 2016, it was revealed that the co-founder of Tesla had been trying to meet Heard for years.

Musk, 47, and Heard, 32, were finally photographed together in Australia, holding hands for the first time in April 2017.

The couple separated a few months later in August but ended up in November and continued to revive their love in 2018. Barely a month later, they finally stopped.

In a new case, Heard said Depp would become "a totally different person, often delusional and violent" when he would use drugs.

"We called this version of Johnny," the monster, "" said Heard.

"Johnny's violence against Amber is at the root of his lawsuit, Amber's defamation lawsuit, his fixation, his jealousy and obsessive control, and his need to exercise property of his body, "said a source close to the ex-couple.

"It is clear from Amber's statement that Johnny thought he was King Billy Bob Thornton, James Franco. Johnny's prosecution accuses him of cheating with Elon Musk, so Depp now wants to drag Elon to court. "

Heard has never been tied to Thornton or Franco, and Musk insists their relationship did not begin until he broke with Depp.

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