Eloy Jimenez launches his first home run

NEW YORK – The Yankees have discovered why left-winger Eloy Jiménez was the third baseball prospect and why the White Sox awarded him $ 46 million over six years before playing a regular season game. Jimenez hit two monsters at home and

NEW YORK – The Yankees have discovered why the defensive player is gone Eloy Jiménez This is the No. 3 prospect of all baseball and the reason why the White Sox awarded him a $ 46 million contract over six years before playing a regular season game. Jimenez scored two monsters at home and scored three points when the White Sox defeated the Yankees 9-6 in a rain-cut affair at Yankee Stadium on Friday night.

With the score equal to 5 in the fifth inning, Jimenez resumed the match. Yoán Moncada J. A Happ, who left the game in favor of right-hander Jonathan Holder. Jimenez came to the plate and swayed to a 2-1 pitch, lifting the ball in Monument Park to give Chicago a two-point lead. He covered a projection of 425 feet and was out of the bat at 109 mph, by Statcast.

"What do you think of this kid? He played a very good game, "said Rick Renteria, White Sox manager, about Jimenez. "He has a lot of talent. He had a very good game for him.

"It was nice to see that. Again, over time, he will have good and bad days. Today was a good day. "

Jimenez received silent treatment from his teammates before the celebration of the White Sox canoe.

"I [felt] well. I came out first, and [there will be] a lot [more] to come, "Jimenez said.

The Yankees made a unique match in the sixth in a single from Gio Urshela, but Jimenez still wielded his magic with the bat in the top of the seventh against right-handed Chad Green. Jimenez broke his second circuit in a steady rain, giving the White Sox a two-point lead. Jimenez sent a 1-1 throw into downtown Chicago in the center left, shooting 446 feet off the bench with an exit speed of 111 mph.

"We were waiting for that," said Lucas Giolito, who pitched five innings and won his second game of the season. "He has ridiculous power. He had hit a bunch of singles, a kind of warming to start the year. Now he is exploding. It's really nice to see another bopper. "

The bullets at home were recovered, and Jimenez plans to put them in his room, as well as his bat.

"I'm going to bat every day," Jimenez said.

At 22 years and 136 days, Jimenez became the youngest White Sox player with two homers in a match since Harold Baines on September 7, 1980 (21 years, 176 days).

"He showed his power," said Aaron Boone, coach of the Yankees. "A few places seemed to be in the middle of the field, and he did not miss them, much of the ground, these are mistakes he could capitalize on."

James McCann immediately followed the second Jimenez circuit in seventh with his first shot of the White Sox before rain delayed the game. The match started after 41 minutes. The White Sox broke a series of five defeats and brought their record to 4-8.

"These guys really do not stop," said Renteria. "I think the reality is that you have to play pure baseball. We had a hard time seven or eight days before this game. Even today, we have made mistakes, but all in all, they continue to fight and we keep trying to improve and build on it and go from there. l & # 39; before. "

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