Explanation of the viral video of four men at a gas station in Chicago

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  2. yo own niggas will kill u out dere… too much death to trust anybody …..

  3. I just left there when that happened smh.. Shit is very crazy man.

  4. Nah I just watched the video on live leak, they are stupid, the only one who had sense was the old man who played dead at the top. They died like bitches, and they used their friend the guy in the green jacket with dread as a human shield. why did they run and take cover on the floor trapped in a box? they should have charged the attackers and at least tried to keep the bulletproof door closed, or closed the gap. They were stupid as fuck that video made me annoyed, they really used their homie as a human shield, like yeah bitch take those headshots for me.

    Real sad video man, now his friends are gonna see how he held his friend in front of him so he couldn't dodge the shots, he really forced his friend to take tons of headshots and body shots.

  5. white racist don't have to kill us, we're doing a great job killing ourselves

  6. Yeah that's not good to use your homie as a shield but that the way it goes in the streetz anything goes

  7. Somebody explain how this white boy know all this and he in Chicago saying who killed who smh y'all kill for nothing but he walking up and down your street telling who killing who!!!

  8. What's the link to this video, I've heard about it but can't find it.

  9. Why everybody keep saying it just happened last week?

  10. Do You think yungeen ace Also used his homie as shield?

  11. Yea that vid was from last year. Crazy shit

  12. Where's this viral video of this shooting I ain't never seen or heard it

  13. Survival isn't always pretty…

  14. dumbass left his fingerprints on the door lol.

  15. He grabbed him by his hair first then put him in a headlock and when it was all over he threw that nigga down like he was a opportunity to wtf is that nigga ig I need to chop it up with him

  16. A lot of people are asking why didn’t the victims have a gun, but having a weapon doesn’t prevent from being shot yourself.

  17. I don’t get into the whole religion thing or bashing other people but you are out of touch. Damn near all of these mfs shooting people believe in jesus?

  18. “It doesn’t count” these people are mentally ill.

  19. “I can’t show the video without getting a strike” ok so how the fuck do I see it bro

  20. When I saw homeboy put his big ass timb to hold the door open I kno it was a drill

  21. Why nobody in the gas station have it on em

  22. That beat in the beginning lmaoo

  23. THF b doin niggas dirty???they stay T’en up fa da dead homies

  24. Keep yo head up bro. Im from detroit

  25. On some real shit I don’t blame the guy that used his homie as a shield your survival instinct kicks in and you not thinking about nobody life but yours because I’ve been in a similar situation and when those tools start to pop it’s every man for him self it’s fucked up but that’s how the gang life is

  26. i think they gon be on shorty that used his homeboy as shield his ppls

  27. That’s crazy but I only hang with like 4 maybe 5 niggas That den broke bread wide me fought widd me help my og allat ????

  28. "Homie." Lol. I'm so glad to have no part of this degenerate culture. Anybody who values decency should support the disintegration of this lifestyle.

  29. I’ve seen the video on liveleak the whole thing was terrible. You can’t really fault someone for there fight or flight instinct. If you seen the video people were dying either way. They first let out rounds into the station thru the door. Then came up opened the door and shot a few more point blank. That shield was literally the only chance he had at life. So people talk shit but life or death what you gonna do? It’s tough man and it’s scary as fuck. The guard literally needs to be here in full gear with fully armed weapons on every block. This is ridiculous to see these men in this situation. It’s ridiculous other things are being thrown around as things that need to stop when this is what needs to be stopped. No more gangs it’s gotta die it’s gotta end. Idk why anyone would even join a gang anymore everyone should be force fed this shit from youth of these scary ass videos of bangers being killed.

  30. No celebrities no black lives matters protesters etc. Oh wait more black on black crime so no one gives a shit no white cops involved so no protest but yet they try to make it look like cops are doing all the killing smh .wake up.

  31. Black males have been programmed to kill one another like it’s a game or something talkin bout “scoring”…these are HUMAN lives we are talking about??‍♂️

  32. They was trying to get inside the gas station. They seen the hit coming but the owner didn’t want to open up.

  33. This shit low key hurt me we Gatta do better my brothers ?, gunned down 4 brothers in cold blood.

  34. I fw you cwn i know i be talking shit but i can tell you bring this shit up as a way to deter them from gang life

  35. That door was NOT bulletproof… Watch closely from :13 in the video.