Explicit viral video and pictures of Asbel Kiprop, world champion, kissing a married woman

Just before Asbel Kiprop's doping over the allegations of the EPO could be settled, he was caught in another saga. The world champion M 1500 athletes is looking for bad reasons. This nude video from August 2018 shows him fondling and groping a married woman. The woman has her unbuttoned shirt exposing her bra. This Asbel Kiprop video has been recorded by itself. The woman in the video allegedly married Asbel 's friend who allegedly also deceived him. Drama! Becomes almost a sex tape. The woman was also an MCA aspirant in a room in Eldoret. Kiprop kisses the woman with wide eyes. The lady would be a wife of Nancy Rotich Chepsiya to Henry Rotich. Who do this? Viral video Asbel Kiprop. Asbel Kiprop kiss. Apparently, money can not buy class!



  1. Update 101: The woman in the video (Nancy Rotich) has been hospitalized in Eldoret Hospital after she tried to commit suicide by swallowing a poisonous substance. It is claimed that Asbel leaked the video and photos to revenge for Henry Rotich setting him up on doping issues.

  2. Asbel’s got more game than Centro

  3. Asbeeeellll…..mnamlaumu ya nini…???…bwana ya huyo madam pia alaumiwe ju hafanyi kazi yake.!!!

  4. After being banned from athletics due to doping,asbel kiprop now decides yo eat his friend's woman…bad