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Explosive Smoke Exploit of the Apex Legends Game | Dexerto.com

Another major feat was discovered in Apex Legends which immediately falls into the category of "game breaks".

This new exploit allows players to suppress the smoke effect of their own game code, allowing them to see through the smoke in the game as if it were not even there.

Smoke is, of course, an important aspect of Bangalore's Tactical Ability "Smoke Launcher", which allows the legend to shoot grenades that release a plume of thick, gray smoke that we can not see at through.

This smoke can be used both offensive and defensive, as players can take advantage of the visual cover to escape or change positions, or shoot through smoke if they have the Digital Threat digital viewfinder. one of their weapons.

The scary part about this problem is that it is very easy to activate; All the players need to do is access the Apex Legends game files on their computer and manipulate them in such a way as to disable the effect of smoke particles.

Once this is done, at the next game launch, the smoke will no longer appear on the player's screen because the game's coding will no longer restore the effect.

A demonstration of this feat, long with the step-by-step process of its activation, can be seen in the video below, courtesy of former professional Overwatch player, Mendokusaii.

It's important to note that Mendo's goal in posting this video is not to teach players how to take advantage of this feat, but rather to educate the public to have Respawn Entertainment strive to remove it from the game.

In his video, Mendo explains how these types of commands entered in the game files are usually "protected against cheats", which means that they can not be used in online reading, but it seems that Respawn has may have neglected this specific element.

He points out that the glitch has a disadvantage, namely that it also removes bullet traces from the game, so that players can no longer effectively determine which direction they are fired.

The presence of this exploit is certainly alarming, and it is part of the list of huge problems of Apex Legends, like the one that allows stunned players to continue to use their weapons.

As long as Respawn does not fix these issues and will no longer work to filter cheats, the game's integrity will continue to be compromised and a strong and prosperous esports scene will remain out of the question.

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