Fabian Edwards on Jorge Masvidal: "If I see this man again, he's screwed up"


Fabian Edwards is adamant that his next interaction with Jorge Masvidal will be far from friendly after his altercation behind the scenes with his older brother Leon Edwards at UFC London on Saturday.

One of Europe's best middleweight hopefuls, Bellator Edwards' 6-0-0 fighter, defeated his brother in the win over Gunnar Nelson at the main event of the box. He was right behind "Rocky" when Masvidal unleashed a suit on him backstage.

As far as "The Assassin" is concerned, it is obvious that the attack was not provoked.

"As you saw in the video, my brother was passing by and he told him:" July 7th"Maybe," said Masvidal, and that's all, there is nothing really; there was no sh * t speak. There was no instigation, [Leon] was trying to make a fight happen. "

Edwards pointed out that Masvidal was "angry" when he saw him again and pointed out his problems with how "Gambred" was presented in a non-threatening manner before starting to hit goals.

"What pissed me off about it is its way of walking. He walked in peace; his hands behind his back … then he starts throwing punches knowing that security was going to jump on him. I tried to break his head, but there were a hundred security guards between us, so I could not get my hands on him.

"If I see this man again, he's screwed up. I probably will not see him in the cage because he has a different weight class for me, but if I see him outside, I break him. It's personal now.

As for the young Edwards, Masvidal only hit the shots because he knew that security would intervene and prevent his brother's team from taking him.

"It's frustrating, obviously. For a, [Masvidal] The situation then began and it's really annoying because we could not get our hands on him. From where we come from, this kind of thing happens and there is no one around us to intervene; you can take revenge, you can fight. He came in with fists because he knew that security was there to restrain everyone. That's the only reason he was able to leave this arena. "

"There was a lot of calm," he added. "As I told you, the only reason a man came out of the arena is that there were 100 security guards between us and that's it. The only way for me to reach it … I should have eliminated some security guards who only do their job. It's frustrating, it's not like this guy was living in England, there's no way I'll see him again. "

He also pointed out his problems with Masvidal's claim that his brother had made him start swinging because he had raised his hand.

Edwards said, "The fact that he starts talking online, says that Leon raised his hand … you can see on the video that it did not happen. If I walk with my hands in the air, I punch, I will not waste my time waiting for you. He must speak, he said, as if he needed to throw his hands first because Leon was walking his hands in the air, he obviously [saying] for the UFC not to punish him. "

He thinks the UFC has no choice but to reserve a fight between Edwards and Masvidal.

"We were looking for this fight and he gave [UFC] a reason now. This fight must take place. The UFC must do this fight. No matter what [Masvidal] wants; they must make sure that this fight will take place next. They both come to win a massive victory and that makes sense.

"He left and did what he did; a sneak attack. He deserves a beating. He must be beaten, whether inside or outside the cage, "he added.

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