Fan photo with Jason Momoa becomes viral for hysterical reason

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There are many reasons why the world loves Jason Momoa: He stole and broke hearts on Game of Thrones, he made a splash as Aquaman in Justice League and will do it again in his own movie this year, and his tattoos And her hair will inspire style. But we have another item to add to the list: Momoa recently took a photo with two fans that the world can not stop laughing …

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  1. What kinds of Jason Momoa/Aquaman features would you like to see from us in the future?

  2. i still can´t believe how expensive those pictures/autographs are…

  3. I would've shot him right then and there, no one touches my woman but me

  4. Best believe they had it out when they got home

  5. I liked him more as Ronan. Good actor regardless though, well except maybe forget Conan…

  6. The fact that he looks fucking terrifying but he’s sweet as fuck

  7. Lol Her husband is a punk ass.

  8. Someone.. please tell me that was not a grown ass man.. playing a video game.. in a Spiderman costume…

  9. Someone.. please tell me that was not a grown ass man.. playing a video game.. in a Spiderman costume…

  10. The beauty of Jason Momoa…the Momoa you get the Momoa you want! ;  >(screaming and swooning)!

  11. My hubby would of pooped himself if I took a picture alone with Jason hot as heck aquaman.??

  12. Thats why stay fit boys,or else "they" are getting your booty..

  13. Talk about running out of ideas…..

  14. Wonder how much he paid to look like a pussy…punked by lord Aquaman

  15. Love Momoa, and fun loving fans he inspires ! LOL !

  16. Well that was legendary ? awesome! It could birth billions of memes

  17. Kind looks like he's touching some upper boob with his left hand

  18. Which one in the photo is Jason? Its just 3 guys.

  19. Did they have to pay to get a photo taken ?

  20. bahahahaha!!!! That's hilarious!

  21. I miss Stargate Atlantis so much.

  22. But justice league still sucks!!!!!

  23. He seems like a fun guy to be around.

  24. Love Jason..funny and a good person..he has it all plus a beautiful loving family..and hot as hell…did I mention that?

  25. It would be better if Aquaman is hugging the dude and shoving his hands on the wife's face

  26. Yeah, ok, that's the reason hubby was against the photo

  27. I'm going to help DC right here. Make Jason, Lobo. Your dumb as hell if you don't see this opportunity. Also make Lobo rate R and not the New 52 version You scrubs. Do this and regain a foothold in this fight.

  28. How is this funny? She disrespected her man

  29. Nice lol, but bruce cambells been doing that for years I jave 2 friends who have pics just like it with signatures

  30. look at his face on the left that ain't an act lol

  31. NO ONE should be allowed to be as gorgeous as Jason Mamoa????

  32. He isn 't hot. I mean, her husband.