FAPtv Viral: Mobile WorldCup Season


Killed in 15 minutes in the middle of the battle, and happily received a real USA team jersey:

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►Presented by: Tran Duc Vien
► producer: Tran Long
► 1st advertisement: Lam Tran
► Actors: Vinh Wah, Vu Thai, Huynh Phuong, Duke Vien, Buu Buu
With the actors: Duc Anh, Hong Son, Huy Thanh, Huu Vinh, Nhu Nam, Gia Huy, Tuan Vu, Quoc Tri, Thu Phuong, Thanh Thanh.
► Scenario: FAP Team
► Shooting: Duke Vien, Duy Phong, Thanh Vo, Minh Kiet
► Presents: Hao Wong, Hoa Vu, Nguyen Thua, Hao, Sang, Khanh Huy, Chinh Tam, Quang Bui, Duke Duy, Pham Thuan, Mol
► Later: Duc Vien, Quoc Thanh, Thanh Vo
► Makeup: Ho Dao
► Advertisement: 090 205 6502
► mail: [email protected]
Realized by:
► Tran Duc Vien:
► Thai Vu
► Vinh Vau
► Huynh Phuong
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