FBI Agent Turns Into Viral Video Nightclub

The FBI surrenders after the video of him is viral, showing his firearm being unloaded following a backflip.

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  1. How dafuq did I not hear about this?! I can 't, I can't even…. LMFAO!!!

  2. I was so memorized by his moves that I didn't even see the gun ?

  3. At least Mile High Spirits is classy in their response! Good on them. Everyone in Denver, CO, please fund that establishment for me 😀

  4. Those last clips were/are horrendous!

  5. Now this is fucking funny.

  6. I am curious as to the fire arm he was stupidity carrying?

  7. This video reveals the FBI's recent speech about how amazing and effective their agents are as the bullshit it was.

  8. I had a cop, my brother in law pulled a gun on me in my own home take it from me they may start normal but they stay normal

  9. I was just watching your video about govt. agents being doxxed, and was not only unable to share it, but also unable to leave a comment.

  10. Hey dude your new vid 6 days after this is gone twice.

  11. Dude.. new sub.. you got me good with the Justin Trudow eyebrow fiasco… plus all of the other clips you played… Poor Canada… they must be so embarrassed!
    Now as far as this situation goes… well, well, well… The FBI has been in quite a bit of hot water recently… thier bias in the Clinton case… thier bias in an attempt to subvert the 16 Election… thier agents sending texts and emails saying some quite biased things about Trump & Trump supporters… and ON AND ON…
    Now we have an idiot agent bringing a loaded/chambered gun into a nightclub and doing gymnastics with said gun in his pocket… and ultimately SHOOTING an innocent bystander… talk about unprofessional and untrained… this can't be protocol… a gun with a bullet in the chamber in a nite club in his pocket… somehow I feel he's broken a few essential rules here… definitely fire his idiot ass (we DO NOT need agents like this moron) and give him a little time to reflect on his bad choices…
    this story is ridiculous! you really can't make this stuff up!??

  12. He just had to do a back flip…

  13. FBI, Fucking Boneheaded Imbeciles.

  14. I'd pay that guys medical bills

  15. You have got to be fucking KIDDING ME! This is why I don't drink and I don't go to bars. What an idiot.

  16. 5 bucks snopes said this was false.

  17. Its ok he just needs to say Ill Stop Trump and all will b forgotten

  18. I've learned to have no respect for anyone over the years. Thank you, social media.

  19. Would be ok if he could at least dance hehe

  20. FBI needs to be discontinued

  21. He's lucky J.Edgar ain't around bc he certainly wouldn't be.

  22. Betting every FBI agent wants to kick his ass.Please,feel free to do so.And this poor guy gets shot by drunken off duty FBI guy.Nail him to the wall.TO

  23. There is no way a highly trained military officer, and trained FBI agent would put a firearm in his pants without the safety on befoe leaving his house and entering a tasting distillary. Was this a beer distillary? What took so long for the victim to realize he had a bullet hit his leg from a Glock firearm? How did he notice "brown" gun powder on his black pants? Isn't gun powder black like burnt coal? There's always improbable evidence concealed in these "shooting incidents." Has the man's identity actually been verified as an FBI Agent? Even an impaired, highly trained military officer and FBI agent can think more clearly than most morons. He had total control of his body and mind when he performed a perfect back flip…but forgot to turn his safety on before putting the gun in his pants? There are too many concealed carry devices that are almost undetectable just under the front pant leg. Will be interested in the follow up on this story. Was the spark a blank? The agenda to disarm the public is manifested in very sneaky ways. We must first use critical thinking before believing any story like this. This guy was not a Captain in the military without well above average thinking skills and self control. The FBI did not hire a fast and loose liability waiting to happen. The odds are highly unlikely this is true. But then every 3 thousand years Nibiru allegedly passes by earth. Can believe a police officer could make this mistake if he was a rooky.

  24. So he grabs the gun by the trigger with only a finger and the gun goes off but there is no recoil at all. Then he sticks the hot weapon down his pants? What kind of gun is this?

  25. This fucker will go free. If it were a non-cop, he'd be crucified and imprisoned. This is a real problem.

  26. A Glock strikes again. Why anyone would want a striker fired, safety free gun is beyond me. I carry a hammer fired double action gun with no safety. The first pull is extremely heavy which prevents accidental discharges.

  27. "Up" "Down" "A" "B" = infinite booze

  28. Clearly the club was not a gun free zone

  29. Let's not forget that he's a decorated soldier who made a mistake. He didn't committ a crime.

  30. money money money bang bang shoot shoot