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Upon the announcement of Reggie Fils-Aimé's resignation as Nintendo of America President, his successor – Mr. Doug Bowser – was probably ready to face the deluge of familiar titles that flooded the Web.

It's long been on the radar of Nintendo fans – with this it would be difficult to occupy a management position in the company and not go unnoticed – but beyond the circus, the current executive vice president of sales and marketing Nintendo is an enigma for fans. Although he has been in the limelight with Reggie for four years, the gravity of his body is always ready to attract the attention of those around him, even the one who follows him since his arrival in society in 2015.

Well, Reggie's surprise retirement means we still have some work to do. Bowser makes a funny title, certainly, but we know very little about the man. Let's see what we can discover about the man behind the meme. What kind of president is he going to be? Is he a fan of Mother 3?

Time for research …

What we know …

This is an 'Original Donkey Kong Arcade Master' described by himself.


According to his Twitter biography, he thinks he's a demon on another Donkey Kong firm. He is unlikely to overthrow Billy Mitchell, the former king of Kong, but it shows that he is eager to demonstrate his knowledge of the long history of Nintendo, since his earliest arcade games.

Bowser obviously embraced his famous namesake years ago and, from the start, he is able to save his executive resume with prominent references:

He is a family man and seems to be in contact with the vast courts of Nintendo – he is happy to talk to a younger audience. We've all seen zany attempts by video game leaders "Go out with the kids" although they promote some novelties, they are not intimately familiar. Although it can sometimes produce gold, it is very easy to detect authenticity; It is much better for leaders to admit that they are too deep to insist, "No, really! I play Savvy Style on the daily journey. "

Bowser seems to have a well balanced approach, balancing playfulness and seriousness in a way suggesting that he learned from the master. Talking about that…

He's been watching Reggie for a while


It's easy to look back now and realize that Bowser has been training in this field for a few years. We simply did not recognize the signs because of Reggie's imposing presence. After joining NoA in 2015, he seems to have absorbed the knowledge and experience of the outgoing president.

In his statement, he said, "It's my great chance to work with Reggie and guide him for four years at Nintendo of America," and even though it's a carefully crafted nugget to appease investors and reassure everyone. t last minute scrambling – "Reggie will leave?!? Quick, take this guy Bowser! – it is unthinkable that he did not watch his position from the beginning; a logical end to a career that has taken him all over the world.

He is a football fan

Regardless of which side of the pond you are in, it seems that Doug Bowser has sports fans – he is a fan of American football and European varieties. A scroll in his Twitter thread reveals a passion for Utah Utes (his former university team) and a silly video made with Reggie revealed not only a penchant for FIFA (go to 1:20), but also how well the two administrators are really simpatico.

We are not sure whether it is a marketing problem or not. Bowser worked for eight years at Electronic Arts before joining NoA, his last role as vice president of global business planning. We will not fail to make him understand the pros and cons of 4-4-2 at the first opportunity.

Prior to joining EA, Bowser worked for Procter & Gamble, the multinational company behind household and health care brands as varied as Fairy Liquid, Gilette shaving products and Vicks VapoRub. He has spent 23 years with the company and has held various sales positions around the world.

Curiously, a certain Reggie Fils-Aimé would have worked for the company from 1983 to 1991 as well. So it seems that P & G is not just cutting-edge technology, it is also blocking the future presidents of Nintendo of America. Who knew, no?

By all accounts, he is sporty and passionate about cycling. When was the last time you placed second in a 45.6 mile road race?

Bowser is also a golf man, which seems to be a prerequisite for leadership positions.

He is 53 years old

When Reggie took over as Chief Operating Officer of Tatsumi Kimishima in 2006, he was 45 years old. Mr. Bowser is thus a few years older than his predecessor, although it seems that he is always laughing – at a world at the right frames of the past eras.

It also looks dapper in a two-piece matching:

Nintendo's approach to public relations has evolved considerably over the last fifteen years. Direct shows give the company a more "intimate" connection with its audience, but require that the staff who presents them be as comfortable on a sound stage as in the conference room. While there might be some Overlapping skills, YouTube is full of clips presenting rigid and awkward presentations, proving that it is difficult to be proficient in both areas.

Although Bowser is not enough Show Reggie's juvenile vigor when he commissioned the mission statement for the first time, he certainly continues on this path; away from the stiff and steep "costumes" of the pre-Reggie era. Of course, going back has never been an option, but Doug Bowser seems comfortable speaking in a language that a global audience expects and can relate to. Speaking of languages ​​…

he Sspanish tops

He spent six years at Procter & Gamble as Latin America's Director of Customer Marketing, and you can see evidence in his Twitter feed. It lacks an "R" in perro there, but we will not blame him for it – the typos get the better of us.

We do not know how his Japanese will show up, but his regular trips to Kyoto's Nintendo headquarters give him the opportunity to train.

… and what we do not know


The big block hovering over the new COO asks the following question: How can Bowser follow Reggie Fils-Aimé? Reggie is a larger than life character from the very beginning. Of course, the big outgoing man could sometimes be a bit 2D, stick to the company's script about 'great Nintendo products coming', and so on. He was often in the marketing business, but still managed to be loved by fans.

Bowser's biggest obstacle is the cult of personality that surrounds his predecessor; the fact that Reggie has become a figurehead for Nintendo fans. He is alongside Miyamoto and Iwata in the Triforce of Personality that has propelled society into the Wii era. Even in the fun years with the Wii U with exciting software on the ground, we always look with incredible love for these Directs E3 and Reggie has made a huge part of it.

Can you imagine how a global audience – not to mention the press – would take a muppet from PlayStation boss Jim Henson, Shawn Layden? The kind of affection needed to do this kind of work takes many, many years and requires a tremendous amount of skill. It will take time for Doug Bowser to build this real relationship with the fans. It will take a little while before it's worth being a muppet.


And as you can see in this article, we are all appointed with the outgoing president. "Mr. Son-Beloved "would seem ridiculous. he is Reggie, the Regginator, our Son-Amigo, the Big Man, the Top Dog.

Even Nintendo's global president, Shuntaro Furukawa, used his name to thank him in a statement:

I really appreciate everything Reggie has done for Nintendo. Inside and outside our company, Reggie is recognized as an exceptional leader.

Yes, it is likely that Reggie himself mandated it as well as the public relations department, which has spent many years turning it into the president of NoA, your neighborhood neighbor, but for the Japanese part of society, Informality is always unprecedented. Can you imagine that Miyamoto-san receives a "Thank you Shigsy" message on the day when, God forbid, he announces his retirement?

Reggie's neat personality is something that Doug (you see, it sounds) weird) obviously did not have time to build for the moment. I hope he recognizes it and that it will not plunge head first into a wacky and friendly territory. This will surely come, but being as well Familiar at first probably will not go well while his predecessor lingers in the minds of the players.


Strange as it may seem, this surname is incredibly very useful to make fans love it very quickly, as well as to give reporters from news sites around the world an "easy" story of their story. This year, Nintendo Direct at E3 will be the first big public relations test for Bowser. Until now, everything indicates that he has the skills to succeed in front of an audience, even if there is still a long way to go before you can imagine that Furukawa-san thanks "Dougie" for his long years of dedicated service, and even longer until writing sentences like "E3 will be the first big public relations test for Bowser" the smallest smile.

Meanwhile? It's memetime …

What are your impressions of Doug Bowser? Is it a good choice to get into the shoes of Reggie? Share your thoughts with a comment below.

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