Fernando LaFuente speaks after Ballybrack's statement that he was dead


Fernando LaFuente explained how he learned about the death of Ballybrack FC.

The club, which plays in the Leinster Senior League, announced that LaFuente – who played with them in the past but has since moved to Galway – was killed in a car accident. This had been done to try to cancel a match against Arklow Town.

"I knew there was going to be a story about me," said LaFuente, a Spanish, of Today's show with Sean O'Rourke of RTÉ Radio One.

"I thought it would be me who broke a leg.

"I was yesterday at home, after the end of my work, playing video games." I received a call from work and I thought to myself, "Oh, what is it? what happened? "

"They said," You're a celebrity, "and I thought," Why? "They started sending me all these items.

"That's how I found out that I was dead."

LaFuente confirmed that he had been removed from the WhatsApp group in the past few days.

I knew something was happening. They said, "Oh, Fernando, in case you might see that the league is posting something on Twitter that says you had an accident." I thought it would be a "break a leg" type accident.

I had a good relationship with them. They took care of me very well when I was there.

"As soon as I heard the news, I wrote to them," continued LaFuente.

"They immediately understood what was happening and they apologized for everything.

"It's serious about them but I find it a little funny because basically I'm not dead and no one has been hurt."

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