Ferrari F8 Tributo 2020: Maranello's new mid-engine Supercar rocks 710 non-hybrid ponies


As you may have already thought, Ferrari has announced "global" improvements with the F8, making it faster, stronger, better and more fun to drive than the 488 GTB. (What, did you think they would make matters worse?) In addition to power gains, the new car weighs 88 pounds less than the GTB, 10% more aerodynamic and features the latest version of the # 1 control. Side Skid Angle – Version 6.1, for those who follow.

The 2,932-pound Tributo is also the subject of a number of aerodynamic topics of 488 Pista. Specifically, the "S-Duct" at the front of the car lets the air enter through the center of his chin and lets it out through the trunk lid. The front radiators are also tilted back and its dynamic entrances are located on either side of the spoiler, just like the pista.

The taillights quad, a design feature not seen on this line of Ferrari products since the F430, make a comeback. Its transparent Lexan engine hood is now blade-like, a reminder of the legendary F40.

Oh, and the steering wheel of the F8 has been reduced, increasing the level of perceived agility.

To note: According to Ferrari's press release, "Ferrari's V-8 engine is perceived as the very embodiment of sportiness and driving pleasure." This is particularly the case when he has ridden behind two-seater Ferrari has perfected his skills of this architecture, which creates an optimal balance of weight, perfectly for more than four decades.This results the F8 Tributo, one of the the fastest, most exciting and most communicative supercars of all time. "

What do you want to know: The Ferrari F8 Tributo is zero to 62 in 2.9 seconds, zero to 124 in 7.8, and points to 211 miles per hour. While these acceleration figures are identical to those found with its aforementioned McLaren 720S competitor, the McLaren is ahead of the Ferrari with a top speed of 212 mph.

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