Fiery Tesla crash kills Omar Awan in Davie, Florida and raises questions about his battery



The driver of a Tesla Model S was killed when his car crashed near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and burst into flames. Witnesses told police in Davie that the car was traveling between 75 and 90 Sunday afternoon when she left the road for an unknown reason, according to the AP. The driver was over-corrected and the car slipped on three lanes and in trees in the median. A police officer arrived almost immediately after the accident, but he could not save the driver, identified by the police as Omar Awan, before the car burned. Tesla said in a statement that he was deeply saddened by the accident and cooperated with the police. "We understand that speed is currently being investigated in this accident and know that high-speed collisions can cause a fire in any type of car, not just in electric vehicles," he said. the company.

The Tesla battery was re-lit twice Monday morning at a salvage yard where it was towed, said Davie Fire Marshal Robert Taylor. Tesla said in a statement that it was posting on its website a language for first responders, pointing out that the end of a fire could take up to 24 hours and that it would not be necessary for the first responder. she should consider letting the battery burn while protecting the buildings. Last year, the National Transportation Safety Board opened investigations on two Tesla fires in California, one in West Hollywood and the other near Mountain View. The Davie accident investigation remains ongoing, but an NTSB representative said Monday that the security group was not investigating. (Read more stories from Tesla.)

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