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First look at Haus Laboratories products – News

Here's your first look at the three high-impact, high-pigment formulas created by Lady Gaga and Sarah Tanno: the Lip Liner RIP, the Riot Lip Gloss, and the star of the show, a glistening liquid powder called Glam Attack. .

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Each of them comes in six shades and, as the world has learned this week, they can be ordered in advance (in sets of two and three) on July 15 from 3 am ET. (They will be delivered at the scheduled launch of the line in September.)D_NAFoaW4AASmFk.jpeg

On July 15th, you can pre-order Haus Laboratories products in nine different duets (two lip pencils, $ 26, two gloss, $ 32 or two Glam Attacks, $ 36), as well as six different three-piece sets, 49 $. Each set of three pieces – or "haus" – includes a RIP lip pencil, a Le Riot gloss and a Glam Attack. "You can pre-order Haus Laboratories products in nine different duets (two lip pencils, $ 26, two gloss, $ 32 or two Glam Attacks, $ 36), as well as in six different three-piece sets of $ 49 to from July 15th on hauslabs.com and amazon.com.

Here is an excerpt from Lady Gaga's interview for Allure.com:

1. Lady Gaga does not want this line to change her life, but that she'll pick you up on the ground.

"Makeup has changed my life, I have never felt beautiful, and I still have days when I do not feel beautiful, all the insecurities I've experienced all my life after being a victim of pain." bullying when I was younger, they go all the way up and then I put on makeup, and before I know it, I feel this superhero inside.This gives me these wings to fly.I do not say that makeup is the only thing that does that, but it did it for me.

"WD_NAFoZXUAE5dse.jpeg When I became Lady Gaga when I was younger, it was because I discovered the makeup and found myself creating it myself. It matters so much to me on a visceral level – the power of makeup to change how you feel when you are at the lowest. But we live in a time when some people are wearing make-up and still feel very anxious because they may not have perfectly outlined their outline. Maybe they did not mix it properly. These are all things that I just want to explode and revolt completely. "

2. Lady Gaga also wants to revolt against the fallout from the shadows.

"I find it quite annoying when I have my skin, then I apply an eye shadow that covers my entire face.And the Glam Attack is amazing because I find that with most shadows Liquid eyelids, this -Dow is very crunchy and can fall off after several hours, and that's not the case with that.We have definitely tested these products … I will say that they are at the & # 39; 39, proof. "

3. And the lip pencil fails.

HL_Chained% 25Ballerina_swatching.jpg"First of all, I wanted to create the pencil for the lips of my dreams.I like the pencils for the lips, but for me, there is always something wrong." They hang out, or bleed. It will be applied to the lips and if you are dry in one area, the color will be very dark, if you are conditioned in another area, it will be clearer, so I can not wear it on everyone's lips.

"Thanks to this formula, I can dress my lips nicely, but most of the time, I wear it all over the mouth.It looks like a lipstick, and it does not transfer.The finish is semi-matte and highly pigmented but if you can hide it and use it almost like a stain.You can put it on your cheeks.I use it on my face.Every time I put it on, I have that sigh Giant, artistic, creative release what I come … my heart ignites, we called it the RIP lip sleeve because it's a lip sleeve for which you have to die. "

4. Lip pencils are not the only multipurpose product in the line.

"L & # 39; applicator, [a flat doe-foot with a liner-sharp point], on the Glam Attack gives you the opportunity to apply it very strongly, or slightly and shade, or to do both. You can use it as a highlighter. You can use it on your lips, with the exception of Dynasty [an emerald green] – I would not use Dynasty on your lips. Rockstar's house [three-piece collection] has the Glam Attack called Legend. It is this beautiful gold. You can put it all on your mouth. It dries, but it is not dry. I love matte lips and I love this mouthfeelable feel, but I do not like dry, kissable lips. I wanted something in which people could really feel sexy. "

5. The versatility of each product is practical, safe, but also liberating.D_NAFocWsAAxPbt.jpeg

"I think the world in general has really come to a place where everyone is trying to look alike.It's almost become this giant beauty pageant contest on social media.If the full makeup of this face gives really feel good, i'm not going to tell you not to do that, or tell you it's neither cool nor real.I mean, if it's you, that's 39 is you, but I feel that for some people, they do their makeup that way and they still do not feel good inside, it 's like they're there. had made up, but they still did not feel safe not doing it well, or having to do it that way because the trend.

"At Haus Laboratories, we want you to see yourself – when you look in this mirror, we want you to leave:" That's the one I love. I am in love with this person. "I do not want people to feel compelled to look like me."

6. Because even Lady Gaga does not feel like that.

"I do not feel as shackled in makeup in any particular way as when I was younger.I felt a lot of pressure to look like, you know – forgive me for doing it." call Lady Gaga – but to look like Lady Gaga As I got older, I had my own rather spiritual revelation and realized that this is what I am, whether I wear makeup or not at all, it's always me . "

7. Haus Laboratories has been in preparation for two years.

"To make my mother proud of me, I've built this business from scratch, as an entrepreneur.We have an investor and we've put everything in place." 39, a company of 15 employees.I have manufactured tons and tons of panels our pictures, all our makeup, all our product photos, all our pictures of models.I have actually presented it to My mother, I brought her to a room filled with boards and I said: "Mom, I worked on something and I want to show it to you." She smothered everything and it was a very special moment. "

8. But it is also 30 years that we are being done.

"I've always been very close to my mother.When I was little, I was fascinated by her morning beauty ritual." I stood up and saw her getting ready for work. applied her base, her lipstick, her mascara, she would look so beautiful, so beautiful and so strong She was so brave about her and it inspired me so much I grew up with this understanding you can be brave in different ways, and one of those ways is makeup. "

9. Lady Gaga will continue to defend the makeup of all brands, not just his …HL_Haus% 2520of% 2520Dynasty_Chavi.jpg

"I'm using this product called Sally Beauty's LipSense." It's a red, liquid lipstick, but you style it to fix it so it does not move. We discovered before the Super Bowl Sarah discovered We wanted to say, we want red lips, but we do not want it to move or mic, and I danced and sang for my life in front of hundreds of millions of people It's a very cheap product, but it works and I love it.

"I like the range.I have everything in my bag, from Marc Jacobs's mascara, Velvet Black, to Maybelline eyebrow gel, to Tom Ford and Kevyn Aucoin, to MAC." I'm not here to be a competitor.I would love to do collaborations with all these brands, I'm celebrating everyone, makeup, it's beautiful.The only thing that I find always disconcerting, that's 39 is when I feel that authenticity is, somehow, thrust in the throat.I think that a brand should be able to stand up, with its own pillars, and know that it's not a problem. is authentic, without having to say it. "

10. … and could well convey his fervor to Little Gagas.

"My mother is beautiful from the inside, what a rare thing, I really hope that when I may have a little girl a day or a little boy and that they see the mom putting on make-up, they have the same experience as it's what I've done greatest gift when you can communicate with your parents. "

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