Florida Bar will investigate Matt Gaetz's threat against Cohen


WASHINGTON – The Florida Bar announced Wednesday it had opened an investigation into whether Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, a Republican state official, had breached his rules of conduct when he had threatened to disclose his belongings extramarital abuse by a Congressional witness, Michael D Cohen

Gaetz's threat appeared on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, as former US lawyer and former President Trump's adviser, Mr. Cohen, prepared for explosive public statements before the House Oversight and Reform Committee. , in which he eventually implicated his former leader in federal crimes unsavory acts. Gaetz, 36, is one of Trump's most virulent allies on Capitol Hill. His public statements have often been criticized by Democrats.

"Hey @ MichaelCohen212 – Are your wife and father-in-law aware of your friends? Maybe tonight would be a good time for this cat. I wonder if she will remain faithful when you are in prison. She's about to learn a lot, "wrote Gaetz in his tweet, which he suppressed and excused.

Democrats have said that Gaetz's remarks could be intimidating witnesses and several lawmakers have asked that his comments be investigated by the House Ethics Committee. Francine Andía Walker, a spokeswoman for the Florida Bar, said on Wednesday that the organization had opened its investigation after reading the comments but could not give further details. The Florida Bar allows lawyers to practice in that state.

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