Florida pilot seriously injured in free fall crash


A serious accident that tipped a car several times over the parking lot of a Sarasota hotel – and left a driver seriously injured – was filmed.

The accident occurred outside the Lantern Inn and Suites on Thursday morning. The hotel's security video filmed the accident, which showed Jackson Kelley's 19-year-old Audi driving the 41 US when a minivan Kia went into the street.

The video showed that Kelley was trying to avoid the collision with the van, but the van seemed to cut off the driver's side of the car, forcing the Audi to take off and turn around at least three times on the car. adjacent parking.

"It looked like a big bomb had exploded," said Don Fuchs, visiting since Ohio.

Fuchs left his hotel to help after the crash.

"I wanted to make sure he was fine, get him out of there before he caught fire or anything," he said.

Kelley was unconscious and partially ejected from the car, which struck two other cars parked after a loss of control. He was taken to the Sarasota Memorial Hospital in critical condition.

"We have a lot of kids coming here and staying here on weekends," said Linda Voss, who works at the hotel. "The car park could be crowded with children, but fortunately it happened early enough, where there was no one."

After waiting seven seconds, while others ran for help, the Kia driver left the scene.

The soldiers have not yet been able to locate the driver.

"How do you do that?" He does not know if the guy has lived or died, "Voss said.

Anyone with information about the identity or location of the driver who has absconded is asked to call the Florida Highway Patrol at 941-751-8350.

This story was originally published on Fox13News.com

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