Forget the winter – The Oesos' Game Of Thrones & # 39; arrive


Image via TheJunkFoodAisle / Instagram

You should probably start making room in your pantry for these Oreos 'Game of Thrones'

Are you sick of eating a leg of lamb, heels of black bread, a suckling pig and a pigeon pie? Well, do not worry. Anyone tired of eating traditional Westeros dishes will soon have an amazing respite: Game of thrones Oreos. And they should arrive on the shelves before the last fantastic drama season on April 14 (and also before the White Walkers invade and turn us all into ice zombies).

Instagram accounts of the popular junk food CandyHunting and TheJunkFoodAisle warned the world that these incredible Oreos were on their way Saturday, with Candy Hunting providing most of the details we know at this point:

"Game of Oreos thrones! In a partnership that nobody has seen coming, new Oreos from Game of Thrones will be released before the start of the last season on April 14, "the account writes. "I really want to see them build in the opening sequence. Winterfell, King's Landing, the Oreo package, the wall … Or maybe Daenerys nibbles Oreos while driving Drogon. "

They continue:

"And to respond preemptively to certain questions: yes, they are legitimate. The image comes from a very reputable source. No, these are just normal Oreos in a redesigned packaging. No, these are not exclusive to a particular store. "

And then yesterday, Nabisco himself checked the rumor with his own Instagram post in which the word Oreo (in the classic Game of thrones turns into the final hashtag of the TV series, #ForTheThrone.

If we believe all the rumors, what we know is that we will have these cookies in hand before April 14 (ideal for the evening of watching the first episode) and they will not be a flavor or a special variety: "They are original Oreos – and if you are upset with original Oreos, you can start to walk north and continue to take care of everything that interests us.

Maybe these will taste amazing when soaked in mead or myrish wine? Or the fermented mare milk of Dothraki? I guess we'll have to know it.

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