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  1. imagine a white guy having the same facial expression while stating "I'm not black" ^-^ yayyy

  2. I like how when someone says they're from France now, it just implies that they aren't White. That's great.

  3. If this guy was white and living in a white majority state and said "I'm not black" the way he says. He would immediately get slaughtered on social media and lose all online advertising.

  4. He's rejoicing in having the 'Stupid Arab' face

  5. It's pretty ridiculous that they give the sign for Allah at the end. They aren't even trying to hide the fact that this is conquest by Islam.

  6. Rivers of Blood -Enoch Powell

  7. I just saw this earlier this morning. His Facebook page is Nas Daily and I followed him too, up until now. He actually replied to a comment on this video where someone asks something like: "would you be celebrating the same if kenya natives became the minority in their own country?" & he responded saying "if Kenyans dominated and colonized the entire world, then yes."

  8. He doesn't look the least bit white…not even half, as FG suggested.

  9. '38% of hispanics support trump', yeah but how many of those are white or mostly white? skin tone is closely correlated with voting patterns with hispanics, the lighter the skin the more they support 'the right'.

  10. It isn't obvious if you ask Sargon.

  11. Bro: I know you want to be the American Tommy Robinson. I run a far right blog on YouTube. I provide legal analysis on all topics. I’m an Anglo-Germanic natural born American citizen. I run the blog to help my race.
    Click the white guy by the avatar. Hit playlists. Then click my analysis. Then click the sort by and change to newest comments. Look for white guy and same guy in the comment section. That’s me. People are trying to drive me crazy so I lose my job and my sanity. They are using some electro magnetic warfare on my mind. I’m in my mid 20s. Just want to make it stop. They keep saying this is the mossad bro..

  12. It is absolutely impossible to have a community when there are 300 languages spoken. Reality…. London was entirely white when I was growing up! This is ethnic cleansing.

  13. London was ours. It was an English city and a jewel once. These useless eaters have ruined everything we held dear.

    Please let the saxon begin to hate…

  14. Jesus Christ you are one long winded fuck.

  15. Love these week in reviews. You are the best!!!

  16. These kinds of "viral videos" are made for tweens and teens. They're meant for white kids.

  17. He feels at home in the UK because it's filled with his entire countrymen and various other 3rd world denizens, instead of GD white Britons.

  18. we indians escape our shithole nation and come make more shitholes.

  19. Really good Frames!! Love the long form, though really like the short ones too! You are a rockstar!

  20. possible white pill: since london is brown and not white, whites are probably moving to other parts of the uk. This might improve living conditions in those places.

  21. the UK is cucked. They lost london. I wonder what Sargon has to say about this?

  22. Ive noticed that about brazil, i'm pale, blonde and blue eyed and when I was around brazilians, they'd tell me how they're white like me. They looked middle eastern.

  23. How is it that you don’t have 10x as many subscribers? You are amazing. Thanks again. Love you FGR. ❤️❤️❤️

  24. Europeans never colonized anyone in this way. Correct me if I'm wrong but they never went into an existing civilization with the intention of demographically displacing the native population. We can debate the nobility of European intentions, white mans burden, exploiting resources, glory of the British Empire, etc. but they weren't displacing the native peoples. They managed/governed/ruled the native population but they weren't trying to displace them.

    Your channel and other information I learn everyday is causing me to hate Jews and their Shabbos Goy coconspirators. I don't like feeling that way but when I see what's happening that is what I feel.

  25. Ten years ago this would have been a Borat sketch.
    Today, we're living in a Borat sketch.

  26. The Martin Luther King quote is often applicable, but you should point how that he was a plagiarising, anti-white, multi-racial socialist. Maybe do a video uncovering dirt on the "Dr.".

  27. If this happened in Pakistan, it might actually be an improvement. Islamism to the magnitude of pedophilia and sex abuse of children so common that taxi and bus drivers can openly talk and brag about it, IMO is a culture needing replacement.

  28. Londonistan: providing a safe space for brown people: The Video

  29. Places like London make me happy…….cause I get to live in a civilized country even though ppl like me had nothing to do with it's making.

  30. China is not 96% han. That was just the CCP revisioning people's identities. Mao, while being an incompetent maniac, did get China out of what was basically feudalism. The majority of the population did not even have family names back then, and were still sub-existence farmers. The CCP gave the same family name to everyone in a village, han names, and registered everyone they could get away with as looking chinese and speaking chinese as han.
    Also i heard the 1.8 bil number before, and it sounds somewhat credible(what with the chinese building endless cities,that, if not that fast, get filled up), but can anyone give me a source on that?

  31. He is happy about "more color" when the only color increase is brown. How genuinely happy these people seem, even when being confronted by their most hated enemies who they pretend are really in control, is disturbing.