This May 20, 2019 photo provided by the Johnson County Sheriff's Office shows a forensic truck on the property of Freddie Mack's home in Venus, Texas. Authorities said on Tuesday (July 9th) that Mack, 57, who has been missing for months, was eaten with his bones and everything by his dogs. Adam King, sheriff of Johnson County, said that Mack had serious health problems and that it was unclear whether his 18 dogs had killed him or he had eaten his body after his death. A family member reported that Mack was missing in May. (Photo: AP)

DALLAS – A man from Texas, missing for months, has been devoured, his dog carcass and all his bones, the sheriff's MPs said.

Forensic scientists said Tuesday that DNA tests revealed that the bone fragments recovered from dog feces were those of Freddie Mack, 57, according to the Johnson County Sheriff's Office.

MP Aaron Pitts said the 18 mixed-breed dogs had apparently devoured Mack's entire body, clothing and hair, leaving only bone fragments larger than 2 to 5 inches.

"Never, nor anyone we talked to, had ever heard of the total consumption of a human being," Pitts told The Associated Press. "The bones were completely broken and eaten."

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Mack had serious health problems and it is unclear whether the dogs killed his owner or consumed his body after his death. "In any case, it is a very macabre event and we express our deepest condolences to Freddie Mack's family," said Sheriff Adam King in a statement.

In May, a family member reported that Mack, a loner, had disappeared from his home near Venus, a community of less than 4,000 people about 50 km southwest of Dallas, claiming that his family was had heard from him since mid-April.

Aggressive dogs prevented the family from entering Mack's property and posed problems for MPs, who were finally able to look around while keeping them away with a "distraction method," according to the office. sheriff.

The deputy ministers could not locate Mack and, after several days of research, the investigators returned to comb the property. In the middle of tall grass, they found animal droppings containing pieces of hair, clothes and bone. Larger fragments were sent to the University of North Texas Human Remains Identification Center and then matched to Mack using family DNA tests.

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Pitts said two of the dogs had been killed by their companions, 13 had been slaughtered because of their "aggressive nature" and three had been put up for adoption.

The member said Mack kept his dogs well fed and nurtured. The only other time MPs took care of him, it was in 2017, when Mack called from the hospital to ask if anyone could check his dogs, Pitts said. .

"This man loved his animals," he said.

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