Fuzzy unfaithfulness together, Husband husband fooled at Coma, viral history


TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – A video of a man was affected while she was trying to stop a viral car on social networks.

According to the circulating news, the man has a Facebook account Ku Fazly he became comatose and experienced a permanent disability after being hit by his wife who caught cheating.

Meanwhile, his wife and mistress escaped.

Citing the upload of a SyokViral Facebook account on Wednesday (27/06/2018), Ku Fazly explained that the incident actually occurred in July 2017.

The driver of the car who met him was the ex-wife of his wife.

Ku Fazly divorced his previous wife and remarried in October 2018.

However, he just vvalized the incident because there was no action by the police for the incident.

On June 25, 2018, on her Facebook account, she tells the chronology of events.

He said that his ex-wife escaped with his mistress and also abducted their 3-year-old son.

As a result, he tried to stop his ex-wife's car.

My message Fazly caught the attention of the public and until this news was transmitted 2,000 times.

Many internet users have sympathy for what Fazly has been through.

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