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Genius accuses Google of copying data from his lyrics

Google has denied anything of sinister in a statement to the the Wall Street newspaper. The company takes the copyright right "very seriously" and has held its "responsible" supplier partners to have honored the terms of its agreements – it has not created the panels themselves. LyricFind, a key source of information about the song, said at the WSJ that his staff "do not look for" the words of Genius. Neither Google nor LyricFind directly addressed the apparent correspondence with certain words of Genius.

There have been no formal actions yet, but Genius claimed that Google violated both the antitrust law and its terms of service. By 2017, Google would have been alerted by Google about reported abuse. Genius may not have much success if he pursues a case directly because he does not own the lyrics – he is only allowed to post them.

Whether Genius's complaint is true or not, it comes at a bad time for Google. The internet pioneer is still struggling with the success of the EU's antitrust proceedings and rumors from the US Department of Justice are preparing an antitrust investigation. This could aggravate the situation by suggesting possible anti-competitive behavior in another area.

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