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We are forced to endorse Mahama – Quashigah

Keta MP Richard Quashigah told members minority The deputy of Odododiodio, Nii Lante Vanderpuye, hinted that the minority of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) was a minority Deputies, a total of 94 have approved the candidacy of Mr. John Mahama for 2020. [19659006] Nii Vanderpuye said John Mahama is the only candidate who can lead the party to victory in 2020.

However, in a radio interview with Accra based Joy Tuesday night, Quashigah expressed doubts about the number 94 of his colleagues, cited by his colleagues, as being the number of minority deputies who approved the candidacy of Mr. Mahama

"I must say that on Thursday For me, in the region of the Volta, only six deputies [out of 25 MPs from Volta region] were registered. I can say indeed that we do have members of the minority who have signed up for the document, but he said that many of them told him that they were reluctant, but they were forced to do it.

"I think that there are many people who will very soon challenge the primaries and who do not want a crowd of people from their constituency", disagree with them and not voting for them in the primaries

on my side in Parliament, I might be excited to endorse the former president, but I also know that many of them have reflected to me, that they did it reluctantly and I'm not even sure that the list As we were told, "Mr. Quashigah said:" I challenge that ". they publish the list that they consider as 94 deputies on the side of the minority, I am strongly for Professor Joshua Alabi and I am convinced that Professor Joshua Alabi is the man at the head of the NDC and galvanize t "I am very convinced that the NDC must take back the reins of the government in order to face the misfortune which hit the nation with the nuclear power station in the NDC, "he added. Mr. Quashigah said for him that he thought that Professor Joshua Alabi, who demonstrated a demonstrable character, was the best for the NDC.

"At this point, the NDC will need somebody who can ... run the party for 8 years ... who can lead the party's activities in a way that will resonate with people from the base, those who make the NDC thick. "

He said John Dramani Mahama did his best for the party and it's time for a fresh start and new leadership since the Johns era is finished.

He said the NDC needs someone who can run the party for two terms.