Ghost or Alien ?? | Dangerous Creature | Found In Punjab Village India | Viral Clip |

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  1. Punjaab mai bhoot alliance bhi lambe baal long hair vaale hote hain.

  2. madarchod , mujhe heart attck aajata , wht d fuck is this you all are assholes ,???????????????????
    Bastards , u dnt hv a ryt to live kutton

  3. Bhai…. acting kiya karo toh ache se kiya karo….nhi toa mat kiya karo ?????

  4. Ye koi insan hai jo viral hone ke liye ye krra hai..woh betha hua hai mask laga kr ..aur uska under wala blue dress bhi dikh raha hai here ➡ 0:22

  5. U don't have to cover him if he is really Alien although I know it's fake make up se pata chal raha hai

  6. Babei faka Babei subscriber chesukovadam kosam elanti chettha videos upload cheyakandi plz

  7. Alian aithe battalu Ela vesukuntaru

  8. First one is a dog because it is barking and second one is monkey or boy but if it's true it's no alian it is ghost became alian won't were clothes

  9. Haha ?
    Stop fooling people
    It's a monkey or a dog with mask

  10. totally fake video see the video carefully at 0:22 sec blue color dress appearing inner wear

  11. Fake bsdk jane kahe pe nakab daal diye hain keh raha khade ho ja so woh khada ho raha jaise punjabi samajh aa rahi ho usko

  12. anyone want proof photos whatsapp me 8746901540

  13. what are they saying im guessing its indian by the accent but whats the man saying ????????

  14. Alien ka haircut Bhi hova hai or dye bhi

  15. क्या बबाल हे यो डर सा लगे??

  16. Please uplode more videos i belive this

  17. Totally fake hai……saaf pta lagg reha…..isnu tie kina easy way naal kita hoya ae….dhyaan naal vekho

  18. Its may be a man from near by tribals..he is not alien or something else….or either its fake….they should not harm it if it's real…..