Girl Scout puts the piece "Aquaman" shirtless on a cookie tin and sales soar / Boing Boing

With the help of his mother, a scout in Colorado turned Samoas into "Momoas". Cookie sales have exploded for Charlotte Holmberg of Highlands Ranch (and "Top Cookie CEO") since she and her mother began to stick a shirtless photo of beefcake Aquaman starring Jason Momoa on Samoa boxes. Charlotte's mother, a marketing professional, was inspired by a picture of herself that she saw on the Internet on Momoa and started designing new box art.


… so she and Charlotte started printing the pictures and pasting them on dozens of Girl Scout cookie boxes.

They put it on Facebook and you can guess what happened next.

"Mothers get really excited and say they need them," Charlotte said.

Even other scouts hit Charlotte and ask to buy some. You now know why we call it the CEO of Top Cookie.

They claim that Thin Mints is the most popular Girl Scout cookie. It could now be a thing of the past.

A statement was not published by Momoa.

images via Girl Scouts of Colorado


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